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I have a Studio 1555 and my adaptor is charging but is not lighting my screen anymore. The blue light at the end of my conector is not lighting anymore and the screen is dark. Is it my cable or maybe my conection in the laptop. Before I order a new adapter, I want to know wich part have a problem. Someone can give me advice on this issue please?

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  • Hi chantou1966,

    Welcome to the Community,

    If the bluelight on the adapter barrel is not lighting any more it should be a problem with the adapter.But you say "adaptor is charging " do you mean the battery is getting charged? Whats the color of the battery status LED which is on the right side of the LCD screen? Does the system turn on only with the battery connected?

    Remove battery and see if system turns on only with the adapter/charger plugged in.

    Let me know your findings.

    Thank You

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