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Dell LATITUDE E6400 fingerprint and WWAN drivers/software Win 7 32bit

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like the title says, I'm looking for the drivers/software used by Windows 7 32 bit OS to manage fingerprint logon and the drivers/software for the GSM Modem built into the laptop, please help me, I've been searching for these for a week and can't find them. 


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  • GSM WWAN modem is not built in. Its an addon option and the drivers come from your ISP aka AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Tmobile etc.

    The fingerprint drivers are under chipset.

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  • I can't find Dell Control Point anywhere, as for the WWAN drivers, I can't get them from my wireless carrier because they said that they don't offer technical support for hardware platforms other than those sold by them directly.

  • There is no fingerprint driver listed under chipset on the driver download page.;s=BSD