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Dell XPS 15 L501X Main Board

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I'm looking for the spare parts of the my brother's Dell XPS 15 L501X Main Board. It is out of warranty and I need to replace the main board. Where can I buy it? The p/n on the Item is 0NWf36, there is the code CN-0nwf36-48643-0bn-0345-A00 too.

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  •  Hi Massimo,

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    You can try calling Dell Spare parts sales at 1-800-372-3355.If you want to send in your laptop to get the motherboard replaced you can contact Expired Warranty Service at 1-800-288-4410 (These number are for US customers).

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  • Alternate sources:

  • I'm writing from Italy, there is any way  to order it by mail?

    Thank you.


  • Thanks ejn63.

    I have just seen that link. And I tried to have more information about the item, but I contact them three times via mail or via their forum without any response. An internet research about suggests me to avoid to work with that website.

  • You can either search for a local supplier, or call Dell Italy for parts availability.