I have tried multiple times to update my graphics driver through both Windows Update and Intel, and each time I try, I get an error message stating the installation failed because the update did not come from Dell.  Both Windows Update and Intel have much newer updates than Dell has.  Last time I checked, the update through Dell was dated sometime in late 2008, and the others through WU and Intel are late 2011 updates.  Not allowing installation of updates provided by the manufacturers of the hardware that goes into their computers is just plain ridiculous.  Since I paid for the computer, I think I should have the right to install whatever I want on it and from where I see fit, especially if Dell apparently stops providing support in the form of driver updates even while their product is still on store shelves.  I bought my computer brand new in early 2010, which is over a year after the release of the driver update in question.   Is there any way to bypass this so I can finally install the latest update?