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My new dell inspiron is not working


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My new dell inspiron is not working

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 as i purchased my dell inspiron laptop on weeks back, today morning when i'm browsing internet suddenly the laptop stooped working.  it is not switching on also only the lights before laptop are blinking, while first time i'm browsing and when i pressed windows+d this problem came even if i'm shutting down also it is also not shutting down, then i pressed power button it got switched off.  when i tried to start again it had given me options like start windows normally, and after that it started working and i thought there might be some virus and i did scanning i found no virus on my machine after that, i pressed windows+e in keyboard it did not load any of the drives and and all icons in the desktop are disappeared immediately. and tried to shutdown my laptop it asked me to do force shut down when i went for that it told some 16 bit program's are running and shut downed, after that i tried to switch on my laptop again it does not switched on and the lights are glowing before the laptop, even i removed charger, external hard disk mouse and tataphoton plus device, even it did not worked for me. 

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  • Hi Kalyan,
    Welcome to the community,

    As you have mentioned that computer is not switching on & also only the lights before laptop are blinking, could you please let me know the blinking indicators or the combination.
    For example on a latitude laptop, you can find indicators flashing like this
    SO in order to assist you further, I would request you to help me with the system model too. Thanks

    DELL-Nikhil M
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  • The model is not on my mind currently but the cost is 36,000+change, only power, battery , charger indicators or switching on.

  • i purchased just 3weeks back only.