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Laptop battery light- help please (Dell online chat = not helping!)


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Laptop battery light- help please (Dell online chat = not helping!)

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I'm extremely disappointed with the level of customer service I have received from Dell. I have been having problems with my laptop and despite having next business day support, it has now been over a week and it's still not fully functioning. Last week, an engineer came and replaced the keyboard but following this it no longer powered on with the battery inside. It took almost a week for Dell to locate the replacement parts (a battery and a motherboard). The engineer came yesterday and replaced both, but the motherboard was not new but refurbished (the engineer was excellent however). Now the system will power on, but there is no battery light on the keyboard next to the 'escape' key. I contacted Dell via online chat earlier today and they could not have been more unhelpful! They instructed me to update the bios, which I have done and also try taking off the keyboard and moving some wires! I have limited computer expertise and did not want to potentially invalidate my warranty by tampering with the Dell product. They then refused to wait until the Bios updated to see if that had worked and said I should contact them later. It hasn't worked. I know the battery light may sound trivial but I don't see why I should accept that parts of a laptop less than a year old should just not work! I also am concerned that this refurbished motherboard may have more problems down the line. Anyone have any suggestions? Or a way to complain to Dell about level of service (surprising how hard it is to find out how to do that!)

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  • There are many ways to complain.  Did you buy directly from Dell? Every page here has a feedback [+] link.

    You did not say what country, or model etc.  

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  • It's a Dell latitude laptop E6320. My work got it for me with next business day cover but it took a week for an engineer to come out because they didn't have the parts, and when they did arrive the first time, the parts were refurbished and didn't work! It took three visits and I'm still not 100% convinced it's fixed (turned it on this morning and had a black screen and a warning about the time settings, like I did before the motherboard and battery were replaced). All in all, for a laptop that's less than a year old, not great!

  • Oh, have also complained to Dell and received a call where the guy asked me if it was conveinent for me to talk- I said no because I was in the middle of something at work, but he continued reading his script anyway! When he asked if I was happy with Dell's service, I said 'no' and he couldn't get off the phone quick enough! I had received an email saying the issue had been escalated to a manager but it looks like that isn't the case either! (or if that was a call from a!).