Dell XPS 13 Not Connecting to a Projector


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Dell XPS 13 Not Connecting to a Projector

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I just bought this Ultrabook th other day and I travel for business.  While at home, I tested the mini-display port output with my TV and it projected my laptop screen perfectly.  Now I am on the road at a client site and their Epson projector will not recognize my computer's output (or more likely my computer won't recognize their projector, since other people have no problem connecting to this same projector).

Has anyone else run into this problem with the XPS 13 and does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting?  I've tried both duplicating and extending my screen to the projector with no success.  I can't find anything about this problem by doing a Google search...


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  • We have four of these laptops and have tried the Dell supplied, unbranded display port-vga adapters and a Apple version.

    We can't get it working on any of our meeting room TV's or most of our projectors. It only seems likely to work with normal PC monitors. Have tried the "Detect" display button in Windows after connecting the adapter and then again once connecting the monitor and this doesn' fix it.

    Trying to go through Dell support now.

  • Yeh, I have the same problem with both Dell branded and Apple adapter.  It just wont work with external projector but work fine with PC monitor.

    Anyone managed to get a fix from Dell??

  • Same issue here - EXACTLY! Using HP projector.

  • Same issue using an NEC projector with VGA cable and apple adapter. It works fine on VGA monitors but when connecting to the NEC projectors we have, tried multiple, it doesn't recognize the projector. HUGE PROBLEM. DELL ARE YOU THERE?

  • It seems to me the problem is the lenght of the cable. If I connect with an Apple adapter to the projector with a 6ft lenght cable it works. But any longer cable doesn't. Any one have tried this?

  • Well it seems this is an apple problem. As soon as we went out and bought rocket fish adapters our problem was solved. The apple adapters are slightly different apparently, doesn't surprise me. Trade in your apple adapter for a generic one and you'll be fine.

  • I'll buy one. Report result later.

  • It works!

    The rocketfish adapter works, despite the length of the VGA cable to the projector.

    Thank you for your help ibit!

  • Hi Dell XPS I7 – NVidia – Settings for Projector view

    This is the Desktop view of Dell XPS 14 I7 Laptop

    Step 1: Right click on the Desktop. Navigate to NVidia Control Panel  

    Step 2: In the Task Pane; Navigate to Set up Multiple Displays Menu.

    Here you can find that Laptop Display would be checked in Item No 1.

    Step 3: Check the BenQ MX 514 display button on in Item No 1 below. You can find that the Display 2 would be added in Item No 2.

    Step 4: Right Click on the Display 1 in Item No 2. Choose the option Duplicate with 1 (Use 1 as source)

    Step 5: You can find that 1 and 2 would be merged and would be a single display box in Item No 2 below.

    By now you can find the screen on projector.

    Step 6: You will be prompted with a question “Your desktop configuration is changed. Would you like to keep these changes? Give YES here.

    You cant get a duplicate display but a clone display is available and the requirement is satisfied

  • I completed through step 5 but continue the "No Signal Detected" on the screen

    I did answer Yes to keep the changes

    I am using a Lenova HDMI to VGA Adapter (the Dell XPS does not have a VGA output port). I also verified that the port works by connecting to my TV

    The projector is an old InFocus LP335 and it might be that the HDMI to VGA conversion interfers

    Please advice