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Laptop Not Coming on

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Today I was on my laptop and it went to a screen with white squares I cut it off and tried turning it back on but never did. I push the power button the light comes on and stays on, the fan comes on and goes right back off and so does the caps etc lights. I tried everything that I could think of but nothing helped. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with it?

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  • Hi Evelyn86,

    Welcome to the Community.

    You can follow steps mentioned below to resolve the issue and in case it does not fix please reply back with the system model and the color of the power LED.

    If power button is Blue / White (Steady) and No video on the screen, proceed to LCD Troubleshooting in the following URL:

    In case of further issue, please let me know.



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  • the power button is green and stays on

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

     • Run LCD BIST. If test fails, the problem is with the LCD assembly & that needs to be replaced, else follow next Step.

    To know how to initiate LCD BIST Test click on

    • Connect your Laptop to an External Monitor, once it's connected Hold down FN and Press F8. This should display the screen on the External Monitor.

    • If video is displayed on the external monitor and no video on the notebook LCD, Then there might be a need to replace LCD assembly only. Else, follow next step.

    • Run PSA. If video card is fine in PSA diags.

    Please send me the outcome of the PSA along with the System Modal.

     In case of further issue, please reply back.



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