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Dell Inspiron e1405 "Blacks Out" After Dell Boot-Up Screen`


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Dell Inspiron e1405 "Blacks Out" After Dell Boot-Up Screen`

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I have a Dell Inspiron e1405 Laptop running on Windows XP and for some reason I can't get past the Dell boot screen to the Windows splash page.  Instead, my screen just blanks/blacks out and an underline cursor ( _ ) flashes in the upper left corner.  I waited for a long time, hoping that maybe my laptop would eventually begin to wake up and then go into the Windows screen, but it just remained in a state of limbo.  I noticed that my hard drive light never lit up during this whole time.

Here's what I tried to do, but to no avail:

1.  Turned off my laptop via power button...waited for several minutes...turned it back on...I still get the same blasted result,

2.  During the boot-up process on the Dell splash screen, I hit "F2"...after the progress bar reaches to the end, my screen blacks out and I get that flashing underline cursor in the upper left corner,

3.  Performed the same boot-up process, but this time I hit "F12 and I ended up with the same result.

4.  I took out my hard drive and memory card and put them back in, thinking that they needed to be reseated, but still nothing.

Questions?  Comments?  Recommendations?  Any (*ANY*) help that you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated! 


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  • Hi Allen,

    Welcome to the Community. It looks like a motherboard or hard drive failure.

    If you have an active warranty, then send me a Private Message, by clicking on my User name, add me as a friend, and send me your service tag, phone number and address.

    Thank you