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XPS 15z Screen Flickering

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I have a XPS 15z I purchased about 7 months ago. Recently, I've noticed my screen flickering when I'm viewing darker colours. The flickering disappears when I apply pressure on the monitor's bezel. Anyone else have the same issue?

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    Can you try to connect an external monitor to see if it does the same thing (flickering)? If you put pressure on the part of the bezel/screen there could be a loose part or cable. Brief me more about the issue so I can guide you to the right direction. Glad to help.


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  • I tried connecting to an external monitor and while my laptop screen flickered, the external monitor didn't. So I decided to take apart the computer following the service manual. I stopped when I got to the part that says "the display bezel surround cannot be reused." So does that mean, if I remove the surround, I can't reapply it after I'm done checking the connection? Thanks
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    Thank you for that information. You can try to reconnect the bezel again. And try the LCD if it still flickers. If same thing happens, possible hardware replacement is needed. Please add me as a friend by clicking my username above and send me the service tag of the computer via private message. Glad to help.


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  • here's your answer :


    When on battery power, the brightness of the Dell XPS 15z LCD screen becomes unstable. If you switch from a bright web page ( to a darker web page (, it automatically dim a little. It gets brighter the other way. It's almost like screen flickering when you switch between windows of different brightness.
    Apparently this is a feature by Intel to  save power on battery. (Display Power Saving Technology)
    "This feature extends battery life by lowering backlight intensity while minimizing impact to display quality. Select Maximum Quality for the best display quality or Maximum Battery to prolong battery life. Clear the check box to disable this option."
    To fix it (if you find it annoying), go to Intel Graphics control panel and disable the feature.
    Right click on some empty space on Desktop and from the menu choose Graphics Properties > Power > Change the pull down menu on power source from 'Plugged in' to 'On Battery' and uncheck "Display power saving technology". Click OK. Now the flickering should be gone.
    I slid the bar to almost left (More towards 'Maximum quality' side) without disabling the feature and it also worked."
  • No it's not that. I know what the power saving thing is. My problem appears both on AC power and battery power. It's extremely obvious when I have a black background, with a white window in front of it. When I have time I'll post a video on YouTube or something and put the link here.

  • Three months ago I wrote in on a Dell support thread asking if anyone had the same issue I was having on my XPS 15z. My issue being the chrome strip was peeling causing the laptop to actually cut me. A Dell agent had graciously offered to send someone out to my house to fix the issue. He stated that the strip was in fact a safety hazard, and was a manufacture defect.I was amazed and impressed Dell offered to help. The guy did in fact come fix the chrome strip, but right after he came and fixed the chrome strip my LCD screen began acting up. It would turn different colors and flicker almost like a strop light. I immediately called Dell support and was put on hold numerous times, but still with no solution. I tried to explain that after the repair man came out is when the screen began acting up.They offered no help our any solutions. I was still able to use the laptop, up until 2 weeks ago when the laptop refused to turn on. The black screen lit up and then 8 loud beeps. I called Dell at least 3 times trying to talk to someone who could help, but again no one offered any help! Also recently I have deaIt with the executive resolution team, I have been promised 3 different call backs, but have yet to get any call back from a representative. I literally have one week until my classes begin for college, and now without a computer. If I knew that the guy would have messed up my screen, I would have left the chipped chrome strip! Please if someone could just help me it would be greatly appreciated. Right now I do not have enough money saved up to just go out and buy another laptop. If someone could offer some type of working solution it would be much appreciated.