Still not able to clean up disc space on recovery E or OS/C


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Still not able to clean up disc space on recovery E or OS/C

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I tried deleting partitions, but I get a msg that says no available volume to shrink. Yet there is no space on the disc as I cannot download any anti-virus programs or use system restore as there is not enough space. I tried removing the drive letter and I get a msg that says deleting the current drive letter is not allowed. Someone please help. I tried the winderstat thing too, but it will not download. I went through the process where you delete partitions, but did still not clean up disc space.

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  • I suggest you use 3rd party drive partitioning tool and/or try it from Win PE (eg. Easeus free). Make backups beforehand in case you lose data.

  • I tried it, but it said the type was not compatible, when I tried to run it.

  • Not enough information.

    What exactly were you trying and do, and do all the partitions have a drive letter?

    Are the part'ns all NTFS and/or Fat32?

    There is the 'diskpart' command line tool within WinPE - powerful but hard to use.