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Inspiron Duo usb not working and shuts down when usb is pluged in.


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Inspiron Duo usb not working and shuts down when usb is pluged in.

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i have an inpiron duo that i ordered new online about 6 months ago, and every time i plu in a usb cord, the computer just literally instantly shuts off.  The screen just goes blank.  I can turn it back on with the usb still in, but it doesnt provide any power to the usb and it doesnt recognize that anyting is plugged in.

What should i do?


ps it has the default os windows 7 home premium.

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  • I have the EXACT same problem....

    Plugging in my DSLR camera into the netbook doesn't get recognized no matter what usb cable I use. Then randomly it works! But in the meantime I suffered instant shutdowns as soon as the USB cable is plugged in.

    I thought it may be the DSLR's problem, but I recently tried plugging in a card reader and it too doesn't always show up :(

    Any ideas DELL?

  • I just figured it out :) Go into device manager and uninstall absolutely everything under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers". When you finish that, restart your netbook. When it comes back, Windows will automatically start installing new drivers for all the USB controllers. Once it finishes, all the USB ports will work perfectly fine!!!!!

  • Scratch that last "solution".

    It's back to doing what it did before and this time it looks like nothing helps it anymore. As soon as ANY usb connector touches either port, it shorts the computer and it dies.

    After looking into this more it seems that it is not a software problem but rather a hardware fault, as many technicians say. So Dell will be getting a call from me today.

  • Ok, I know this is almost 2 years old but my laptop was doing the same thing and I figured out what I was doing wrong on mine...I wasn't paying attention on how I was plugging in the USB cable and it turns out it was the wrong way. I didn't think it would let me plug it in the wrong way but it turns out it does and that's why the laptop would turn off. Since then I pay attention and plug it in the correct way and the laptop has stopped shutting down and it reads my external drives and USB drives. I hope this helps someone else.