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Hey! not too long ago i dropped my computer by accident and when it fell down on the floor it came open a little bit. The frame of my laptop opened, when it shouldn't do that. Then the little part where the camera is came out as well. [luckily it still works] I reassembled everything back in it's proper place & then i closed the frame...BUT ever since that has happened, my computer has been acting a little weird. Now when i do go to turn it on, the screen goes blank to white- with that being said, it takes me about 5 to 10 times a day or 3 if i'm lucky to get my computer to turn on without the screen going blank. It really sucks because my laptop holds my most important things being school work etc...

.....I was wondering if i had to go take it to a shop for them to literally fix it or is this something that I.T. can help me with while i fix it at home?

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  • it bears making a backup of what's on the hard drive NOW, since it's possible the drive was damaged in the fall.  Run the Dell diagnostics on the drive (F12 at powerup) to verify it's OK.

    From the sound of it, the screen may be damaged.  Try reseating the cables at both the screen and mainboard end - but if the problem persists, you're likely going to need a new screen.