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XPS 13 and Touchpad utility CyHidWin


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XPS 13 and Touchpad utility CyHidWin

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Since getting my first XPS 13, I love it.  Trying to get a build to work on it is challenging when it comes to the touchpad utility that is definitely necessary. 


I have about 5 pilot users running it.  All of them have said at one time or another when the machine comes out of sleep mode, they have two white windows appear sometimes in the background and sometimes in the foreground.  The window titles are CyHidWin and the other is labeled Cypress TouchMon.  You can't seem to close or kill them.  It doesn't go away until a logoff or reboot.

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  • I am having the same issue and I am using the Kensington dock with NIC that Dell sells for this system.

    Has anyone come up with a resolution yet?


    I am also having the problem when not docked.

  • Engineering is working on a new  Cypress touchpad driver for the XPS 13.  I can't give you an exact ETA when it will be available for downloading but it should be soon. I will post any updates as soon as I receive them.


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  • Hi Terry,

    We have the same problem with a new XPS13. Please, when you have the solution, post it for everyone indeed.

    Thank you for your kind help







  • I have the same problem and find it impossible to complete my work while the curser travels rendomly about the screen.  Furthermore; then the curser is placed over a link, it will select it without Clicking.  Help!

  • I forgot to say, I am using the Kensington dock with NIC that Dell also.

  • I have the same issue with the extra modal windows on my XPS 13 when plugged into an external monitor.

  • I'm having the exact same issue with the Cypress TouchMon and CyHidWin windows as well. This is only happening with an external monitor. Thanks!

  • I also have the identical problem. Happens with only the laptop screen but plugged into the Targus dock. Driver version2.3.6.33

  • I too have come into some XPS 13s at work.  Imaging was the first hurdle.  Since we've switched over to MDT 2010 Update 1, had to create a bootable USB key with the MDT boot iso on it, and connected the XPS 13 to a Targus USB dock, so I had LAN connectivity to get to my server.  The device now has Windows 7 Enterprise x64 with SP1.  Still finalizing the XP build.

    I just spoke to tech support this morning about the "white windows" and they need a few days to look at it.

    After reviewing the above posts I decided to review my XPS 13 again.  At some point I either installed the DisplayLink display driver or I injected it in the MDT drivers.


    Either way, with the DisplayLink driver installed, even with the dock disconnected, the "white windows" come up after you unlock the XPS 13.

    I uninstalled the DisplayLink driver and rebooted.

    Lock/unlock test.  No more white windows.  We have currently purchased the IOGear GUC2100 USB 2.0 to fast etherlink adapters for LAN capability and are in process of ordering the Dell micro display adapters for an external video and will test those once they are here to see if the issue comes back.


    Hope this helps . . . .

  • After working with DELL last week, they supplied me with a beta version of the new touchpad driver and it did resolve the issue.  Not sure when it will come out since it's still in Beta testing.

  • Actually the driver published in the DELL Web is: Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Touchpad

    Release Date:  9/7/2011  

    Version:  A04  

    Importance:  Recommended  

    Download Type:  Driver  

    File Format:  Hard-Drive  

    File Size:  26MB  

    Where can we download the "beta" version to solve this issue?



  • I'd like to see a final, not a beta driver.  The bigger issue here is that I doubt the Targus dock is the only one affected.


    DisplayLink is availble in adapters from Trident, HP, Lenovo and others.


    When I spoke with Dell support, they said they've never heard of this issue before, but here we sit in this forum talking about it.



  • One other note, the tech said you can close the windows by pressing ESC.  I don't see that as an option but at least you can try it when testing.

  • sorry, rodom but that does not work.

  • Figures.  That's what he said when he was remoted into my XPS 13, and they did close, but like I said, it's not a valid option.