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XPS 13 and Touchpad utility CyHidWin

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Since getting my first XPS 13, I love it.  Trying to get a build to work on it is challenging when it comes to the touchpad utility that is definitely necessary. 


I have about 5 pilot users running it.  All of them have said at one time or another when the machine comes out of sleep mode, they have two white windows appear sometimes in the background and sometimes in the foreground.  The window titles are CyHidWin and the other is labeled Cypress TouchMon.  You can't seem to close or kill them.  It doesn't go away until a logoff or reboot.

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  • mib147us

    Thanks for joining the Community.  I am happy to read that you love the XPS 13.

    What does the Windows read, are they any text other than the names in them? This isn't something that I have seen reported.

    You may have tried this, if you uninstall the Cypress Trackpad driver, do you still notice the popups even after the driver has been removed?

    Once the Trackpad driver has been completely uninstalled, reinstall it from the following link and see if the Windows continue to open.


    Other than that I know that Dell is working on a new driver.  I don't have an ETA but it may be ready soon.


  • Thank You Terry!  I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times.  It does seem to only happen when its docked with the USB Targus dock.

    The windows have the title bar but the actual window is complete white.   I have a screen shot but it doesn't appear I can upload it anywhere.

    I am wondering if there are other issues with that touchpad utility as it has caused the mouse to completely lock up in the middle of the screen upon reboot.  This is why I have had to uninstall it once or twice.

    Keep in mind that I am building a company build for this system.  We are installing .Net Extended.  Not sure if you know what that is but it may be playing a role in this.  Not really sure though.

  • Mib147us

    I have sent you a friend request. I would like to speak with you regarding these Windows.


  • I have 2 of the XPS 13 laptops, great little computer.  I too am having the same issue.  Closed lid last night, opened this morning and there is a white box with the title CyHidWin.  The box itself has no text in it.  This happens whether or not connected to the Targus docking station.

  • There is also another box with the title Cypress TouchMon with no text in the main box.

  • I have a client who is using a Dell L511Z and is experiencing the same issue with the TouchMon and CyHidWin windows appearing.

  • I experienced the two blank white Cypress Touchpad related Windows on my Dell XPS 15z, I only noticed the problem when I began using an external monitor at work and the windows would appear on the secondary monitor all the time. The only way I managed to remedy the problem was to completely uninstall anything Cypress related and then remove the driver via Device Manager. I then went and installed the version of the Cypress Touchpad driver. I'm not sure if the XPS 13 uses a different driver to the XPS 15z but that's how I solved it for the XPS 15z.

  • I have this same problem with my XPS 15Z. I'm happy to help with getting this resolved. For me it happens any time my laptop goes to sleep. When it awakens, the two windows are there and you can't close them or dismiss them in any way without rebooting.

  • The common denominator here seems to be when using an external monitor.   Have any of you noticed this happening with no external displays or docking stations?


  • I like my new XPS 13 too, but the touch pad is driving me crazy.  I've set the touch setting to "heavy", but when I type the cursor flies all over the place, making selections for me, like deleting whole sentences.  It's done that 5 times so far in this message.)  I've heard the new driver will turn off the touch pad when typing, is that true?  I don't know if I can keep using it this way, and I do a lot of "laptop" work on my lap, so a mouse isn't an option.

    Also, what does the palm rejection setting mean?  Does "heavy" mean it rejects only heavy touch?  Should I set it to "light" for maximum rejection?



  • mgb4ever

    The higher (heavier) that you have palm rejection the more "random movements" detected by the trackpad will be canceled out as accidental touches.   If you are a heavy typer like I am then you will want it sent to heaviest when typing.  


  • I just got an XPS 13 to test for our company and I'm seeing the same two windows pop up after the screen saver is activated and I'm not using an external monitor.  I am using a Targus dock.

  • Sorry for the delay.  I have been on vacation for the last week.  I does seem to only happen when external display is attached.  I will confirm.

    I have a Dell rep coming in today to work with me on this issue (as well as others).  I will post an update when complete.

  • mib147us

    I hope that the vacation was great.  Please let us know the outcomes with the visit from the tech.


  • I wasn't able to test extensively, but in my case it looks like the Targus docking station is the cause of the problem. I did not have a chance to determine whether an external monitor alone results in the same issue, but in every instance I tested the two blank windows appear when the computer is locked or has gone to sleep while plugging into the docking station. Until a solution is found, I removed the Cypress touchpad software, as basic functionality works fine without it and rolling back to a previous driver as other have suggested did not work for me. Laptop is a Dell XPS 15z (L511Z).