Around 1 year ago i purchased a Dell Studio 1558 from A month or so ago i started to get blue error screens and crashes whenever i attempted to do anything. I couldn't even run Windows 7 in saffe mode.

To resolve this issue, i had an unopened 1TB hard drive and OEM windows 7 home premium i had purchased preemptively form newegg. I installed the new hard drive no problem, then went about installing the new OS.

Once again, it bluescreened, citing the system was trying to protect my pc, while i was about 1/3 done installing the new OS.

Now, whenever i turn on the Studio 1558, it comes up: BOOTMGR IS MISSING PRESS CTRL+ALT+DEL TO RESTART. If i do so it desplays the same thing.

All of the resolutions online tell me to either press F8 to factory reset (which is not an option, i have no OS installed and my two options are F2 or F12, neither of which work) or to install the Windows 7 CD and press a key when notified, which also hasn't worked since the last crash, so I'm stuck looking at the BOOTMGR black screen.

Is there anything i can do besides purchase a new pc?