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INSPIRON 1545 Warranty

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How long does the warranty last for the INSPIRON 1545...I have had my laptop for just over two years and need to know whether the warranty is valid or run-out as my laptop " Time-of-day clock has stopped working and either needs replacing or if that doesn't work it will need a new motherboard...both of which are very expensive "fix-its" if the warranty is not valid. Two years for the life of a laptop which cost over 400 GBP seems pretty short to me and it would cost over 100 GBP to have the " Time-of-day clock " repaired and over 200 GBP to replace the motherboard. Whichever of these " fix-its " manages to get my laptop going again I shall be considerably out-of-pocket financially if the warranty is no longer valid and I will probably be better off buying a new lappy but I have loads of photo's of my Grandchildren on my broken INSPIRON 1545 and would hate to have to lose them all because I cannot afford to take the risk of trying to have the laptop repaired if it is not going to last much longer before other major repair work will be needed...again leavig me financially struggling.

Had I known that DELL laptops had a life-span of just two years I would never had have bought a DELL in the first place and gone for a different more reliable laptop manufacturer that would last much longer than two years at the same price I paid for my INSPIRON. I chose to buy a DELL laptop as I was told that they are very reliable which they is just a shame that I now discover that this means we can rely on a DELL laptop to break-down totally after about two-years and which then means another substantial cash outlay to have it repaired or to buy a new laptop. 

Surely the life-span of a laptop should be much longer than just two years ?

Anyway...does anyone know how long the warranty of a DELL laptop lasts for ?...PLEASE QUOTE ME HAPPY  Lol


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  • Unless you paid extra for an extended warranty, the default is one year.

    About 30% of all notebooks suffer a major failure within the expected useful lifetime of the system (which is generally considered to be three years).  Doesn't matter which brand - they're more alike than different, given that the lion's share of them are built by just two Taiwan-based contractors - and the rest by three others.