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inspiron 1545 recovery partition


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inspiron 1545 recovery partition

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I have a 1545 with unknown win7 to repair. The laptop will not boot and I cannot access the recovery program using any keystroke. The diagnostic program runs through the preboot just fine but when it comes to repair it hangs and requires a restart. Running a linux live cd I found the hard drive partitioned with the recovery set as boot and c:. Would it be possible to rename the partitions like normal?

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  • Hi artman72,

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    If the Diagnostics passed without any errors,I would suggest you to reinstall the windows.Since system is not booting you may have to manually reinstall the windows using the Windows 7 disk.

    Use the link below for help to reinstall windows:

    You can also try to release flea power,by disconnecting the charger,remove battery,hold down power button for 30 seconds.Reconnect the battery and charger,turn on the system and tap F8 to get to advanced boot options.

    If you are not able to perform PC restore,than the only option would be Manual Reinstallation.

    Hope this helps,

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  • Thank you Roshan I will try that in the morning, However it seems that the drive letters and boot parameters have been swapped. Is there a boot repair that will help? Thank you!

  • As a permanent fix i would suggest you to do a clean reinstall.If you still want to try a different fix you can try the solution given in the link below as Approach 2.

    Note: This is not a Dell recommended solution to your problem, so Dell would not be responsible for any damage or outcome of the above fix.Its a 3rd party solution which may even lead to data loss or other unknown damage to your system.Trying the fix mentioned in the above link would be at your discretion.

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