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How to tell what model Latitude laptop you have??


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How to tell what model Latitude laptop you have??

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Probably this is more for feedback, or curiosity..but had me miffed? 

Company has just issued me with a new laptop, to replace my outdated D630, it is a Latitude far a good machine.

But when i first got it, i had no idea of what actual model it was? thru Win 7, i could get the specs etc, but on the case itself, there is nothing to suggest of what model the machine is. This is my 5th Dell laptop, and all previous models always listed the model in the top left hand corner (above keyboard). it doesnt affect anything other than now if i want to check anything for it, or see what accessories, i either have to have a good memory, or punch in my service tag each time..which is pretty silly..but so is the post-it note i have stuck on it!


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  • JimBob1973,


    Try downloading and running the System Information Tool If used on Vista/Windows 7 it must be run as administrator





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

    Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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  • That doesn't help anything. Like most work computers, system information tool cannot be installed, and entering my service tag brought up 3 different models to choose from and still zero way of knowing what model I have.

  • Go into the BIOS/UEFI setup page (F2 at powerup).  The model number will show there.