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XPS 17 L702X Bluetooth not working.


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XPS 17 L702X Bluetooth not working.

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I have purchased Dell XPS 17 L720x in last July 2011, since i have purchased one question was puzzling me, that blue tooth was not working.

When i click I windows mobility center and press blue tooth launch button, nothing appears, also when i search for bttray, nothing is found.

if i use some other third party Bluetooth Dongle this works perfectly, but why my native xps laptop does not support Bluetooth?.

Ideally i assume that XPS L702x supports bluetooth by default and does not require any third party dongle as such.

I had peeked into BIOS, if any setting is there, but i did not find any option to enable any Bluetooth as such.

Please clarify and help me to fix this issue.So that i can use Bluetooth on Dell XPS l702x.

Thanks in advance for helping


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  • Is there any one who can help/suggest me on my above question i.e how do i make Blue Tooth work on XPS 17 L702X?

  • On the US website, bluetooth is listed as an option - not standard.

  • Hi,


    I got myslef a set of wireless headphones which require bluetooth connection when used with mobiles.laptops, iPads etc. well my old mobile has it no problem yet my new Dell XPS L702X maybe, maybe not. I certainly cannot find such an option and I start to think there is none though that would be quite a shocker. I will apreciate advice.



  • Hi,

    I was having this trouble too, might be by native Dell XPS L702X is not having an Inbuilt Bluetooth chip on the motherboard.

    I'm now using using USB Bluetooth Dongle as an option.