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hard drive upgrade

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hi first time trying this i have a dell inspiron 6000 upgraded hard drive to a 250 g i think that my memory has a limit of 137g and it has worked good for about a month then i get a black screen with flashing curser in top left of screen this has happened 3 times the only way to get it working that i found was to reload windows and reinstall my backup drive now i found this 137 memory thing but i don't  want to loose what i have done in the last month can only get the windows cd to boot  i have windows xp home installed inspiron 6000 and installed western digital blue 250 hard drive what can i do now that its crashed

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  • With any drive over 120G, you MUST partition the drive with a first, 120G or smaller partition and install Windows to that.  Once Windows is installed, you can create a second partition to use the rest of the drive.

    The Windows install cannot cross the 120G barrier - or you will see exactly what you've seen (one day you turn on the system to a disc error).

  • i see it needs a partition but is there something i can do to save the data that is on it when it has already  crashed  and does a partition acts like 2 separate computers  and cant be togather  

  • Try mounting the drive in an external case and seeing if you can read it using another system.

  • Hi sorry I've been away just got back and purchased a external caddy pugged it in to another computer the files are there now what do I do to create a partition or what do I do to make this work thanks
  • Reinstall the OS - this time, delete the existing partitions and create a single, 120G or smaller, first partition on the disc.  Install WIndows to that.

  • Doesn't have that option can I still save my data only one partition option to delete partition

  • Copy whatever data  you wish to save to the system you've connected the drive to.  Then install the drive in the 6000, boot your Windows CD, delete all partitions on the drive, and create a new, 120G partition.  Install Windows to that. Once SP3 is in place, create a second partition on the drive for data.  You'll then have no problems.