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Inspiron N5010 Hard Disk Problem


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Inspiron N5010 Hard Disk Problem

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I have one problem, with my Dell Laptop.. hard drive is not responding... My inspiron N5010 had 500GB hard disk. I want to purchase new hard disk. I was searching online and I have found two hard disks 

 WD5000BEKT and 
Can I use WD7500BPKT? What is the difference between BEKT and BPKT?

On Dell online it is showing only 160gb harddisk WD1600BEKT, but that is not sufficient for my needs. I want to use bigger storage. Please suggest.

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  • Either drive will work fine in your system;  the second one is 50% larger in capacity.

    Replacing the hard drive in this model isn't particularly easy to do

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>