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Technical Support Email?, Incorrect Service tag Association


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Technical Support Email?, Incorrect Service tag Association

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Recently my Studio 1555 has developed a problem. The fan has stopped working. The laptop is still in warranty and so you would think it would be simple to get this sorted.

I am currently a student and thus do not have a landline. My phone contract does not cover the 0844 numbers leaving me with either the online chat or email in order to get in contact with Dell. Unfortunately Dell has the ridiculous system of requiring an express service code or service tag in order to use both sytems. Both of these codes on my laptop have always been incorrectly associated, instead of a Studio 1555 laptop coming up when i use my service tag on the website 'V486/__S Rev 2 FS' comes up as being associated with my service tag. As a result there are no drivers associated with it, it does not appear to be recognised as within my country (UK) etc. I have tried to get this sorted before but lost my patience with Dell and gave up. Due to this I cannot use the online chat feature or even find out what their technical support email is!

Has anyone had this problem before? What is their technical support email for the UK?

P.S.  I know this is not exactly relevant to this forum however none of them seemed relevant and seen as my product is a Studio 1555 laptop I figured here was as good as anywhere else.

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  • I know this is not much help.  The only email contact that I've found for contacting Dell in the UK still needs a valid service tag.



  • Callum

    If you have not already tried, I do suggest running extended diagnostics and then selecting the fan test.  Start the system holding down FN or while tapping F12 and choose diagnostics.  Allow the basic tests to run and while prompted choose hardware tests to start the extended diags.  Select custom tests and then fan test.  Please shoot me a private message with the results of the tests.  Just click on my signature and then click start conversation.  

    On the private message, please include any further symptoms that you may have noted with the notebook, including any errors. Although I am only able to set up services in North America I do have peers that I can reach out to that can help with UK accounts. Please include the service tag of the notebook and your contact and shipping information and if needed I will reach out to my contacts that can help with UK accounts.


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