After bios upgrade from A04 to v.A08 COM1 (and others com2, com3, com4) not visible to operating systems.

1. bios reset to defaults - no help

2. bios downgrade to A04 - no help (notebook shipped with A04 and Windows 7 32bit)

3. went through all bios versions from A01 up to the latest available A08 - no help

4. Re-installed windows 7 and upgraded drivers to the latest ones available at Dell's site - no help

5. Also tried drivers downgrade

When e.g com1 is manually added I get I/O Range & IRQ conflict, either when manually changed. All I was able to detect that "used by motherboard resources"

Checked hidden devices and traced by resources by type on device manager, but wasn't able to detect conflict - wasn't able to detect that anything at all is using dedicated I/O Range & IRQ for COM1

There's urgent need to restore COM1 availability in W7.

As I’m daily using it, I noticed the missing COM1 or let’s say unavailable to operating system, during the same bios upgrade day.