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Inspiron n5010 beeping 7 times when you turn it on


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Inspiron n5010 beeping 7 times when you turn it on

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The inspiron n5010 dell laptop will not boot.  Beeps seven times.  The only thing I found on the net is that the processor is gone.  Could this be the case?  its less than a year old and cannot find the receipt.

Please help....

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  • Hi Rodneym,

    Welcome to the Community. Yes 7 beeps on a Inspiron N5010 means a CPU Cash Test Failure. Hence you will need to have the Processor replaced. Contact Dell Technical Support in your region for a replacement.

    Thank you.

  • Is it the same for a MB5010? 7 beeps is a CPU crash test failure?  How do I reach tech support...all they tell me is my warranty is elapsed.  What do I have to do ... I have had nothing but trouble with this and have had to replace the mother board and hard drive already.  Please advise..



  • Mike, I have the same issue, it's less than 2 years old. They really screwed us over. They're not going to fix anything. It's all over the internet about these computers having over heating issues. They need to offer a recall for these machines. Royan, my computer was over heating from day #1. It has always run hot.

  • Sad thing is I spent an extra $75 to buy this crappy Dell. I should of stuck with HP.

  • I have just spent 1 hour on the phone with the supervisor of the Out of Warranty Department for Canada about this very issue. The 7 beeps means CPU crash test failure and the processor needs replaced.

    I spent $50 having the laptop checked by a local computer shop who said the memory and everything else on the laptop is fine, but on my invoice they wrote: "investigated and found there are known issues with the main boards on these computers. Dell may replace the part even with the computer out of warranty".

    Unfortunately, our laptop is out of warranty and Dell will charge me to have the processor replaced. My son has learning disabilities and requires this computer as it has programs that he needs for school that we don't have the disks for. I'm incredibly frustrated that Dell will not fix the processor without charge. After the very long and frustrating discussion with the Dell representative, we have decided that we will never purchase another Dell product. I will not be having the laptop fixed as I refuse to pay for repairs for an inferior product. If it was to be fixed and overheated again and damaged the processor, they will only provide a 90 day warranty for the replacement processor.

    I will now have to purchase another laptop for my son and try and obtain the programs that he needs through the school board. However, all of his voice files are lost and he will have to spend hours retraining the new programs which will cause him much frustration.

    Dell does not stand behind its product in this case. Their product is faulty and they will not correct the problem unless your system is covered by warranty or you have to pay to have it fixed.

    Wishing you best of luck and hope you have warranty left on your system. If you are out of warranty, you can call Canada out of warranty department at 1-866-440-3355, Tech support at 1-800-847-4096 or the US out of warranty department is 1-800-288-4410.

    Please share this with as many people as you can and complain to Dell so that it is documented and so that they will eventually recognize that this should be a recall for this model.

  • though it is written 7 beeps means processor failure but to my surprise I repaired my n5010 laptop with local shop and it found faulty motherboard. and I used my laptop after that without replacing processor

  • I am having the same problem with my moms dell M5010 labtop although its about 4 years old. I personally wouldnt suggest buying a HP either. I have had better luck with ASUS and Acer. i would also recommend spending atleast $800 on a labtop and researching whatever one your thinking about buying.  

  • I downloaded bios version15 for dell inspiron n5010 and was installing it and left my laptop to finish after some time I saw it was whole black screen and laptop did not boot up again after that whenever I turn on laptop it beeps 7 times and does not start and does not even show dell logo on startup