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Vostro 1520 Battery/Charging Issue


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Vostro 1520 Battery/Charging Issue

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I have had a Vostro 1520 for 2 years.  Recently, I received a message telling me to consider replacing my battery.  Since the computer would not work for more than a few minutes without being hooked up to the ac adapter, I used it this way for several months with no issues. Then, last week, the computer shut off randomly while I was using it and would not turn back on.  The charging light at the front of the computer was off, but when I took out the battery and put it back in, the light turned on and when plugged in, the computer would turn on for a second and then shut down again. 

Thinking that all I needed to do was replace the battery, I ordered a replacement battery that said it was compatible with the Dell Vostro 1520.  The battery worked fine, but when i plugged in my adapter to charge it, the computer said that it was plugged in but unable to charge.  I figured it was an issue with the battery because I had not ordered the battery from Dell, so I purchased the 9 cell battery from Dell said to be compatible with my computer. 

Today I received the battery and was once again able to turn on my computer.  The battery had a 32% charge on it.  I plugged in my ac adapter, and for a few seconds, the computer told me that it was charging the battery.  Then, the computer shut off.  I tried leaving the computer off with the ac adapter plugged in, but even though the charge light at the front of the computer is on, the battery did not appear to have charged at all when, a few hours later, I unplugged the computer and turned it on.   

I have tried to plug in the adapter while the computer is on and turn on the computer with the adapter plugged in.  No matter when I plug in the adapter, the computer will shut off after a second or two of the adapter being plugged in.  I even tried a different adapter and the same thing happened, so I am certain that it isn't the adapter. 

Please help!  I spent over $150 on the battery and would like to be able to return it in time to get a refund if it is an issue with the battery or if the computer is just too expensive to repair and I need to just get a new computer. 


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  • I am having the same issue since june 2011 and there is no one who can help. Because this has something to do with the compatibility of battery and charger. My laptop shows a battery light orange and blue and in blinking condition all the time. Few months ago I figured this thing out and I was able to charge my laptop successfully. What I did is given as under:

    I hibernated the system and removed the power adapter.

    Then I started the system and while the system show the progress bar of resuming from hibernation I plugged in the adapter and the system started the charging of the battery. So from that day I am doing the same thing and using the battery.

    I hope the above might help someone

  • It sounds likely it's the mainboard that's bad.

  • I am having same issue with 1520 laptop.  Have purchased dell battery and now dell charger and still won't take a charge. The charge icon shows a charge for about 5 "bumps" of the battery showing a change and then quits charging.  Any ideas out there?