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Battery won't charge more than 80%


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Battery won't charge more than 80%

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HI. I bout dell XPS 15z about 4 month.. and to day i have a problem with my battery.
I plug in adapter  for charge battery but battery charge only 80%. and see 100%. when i unplug cable in battery mode my battery show 80% charged.. and when i plug cable my battery show 100% charged.

I tried to charge my battery when my llaptop are closed.. but again not charged 100%. stoped on 75 or 81 percent.
who are the problem? I just update my bios but nothing change.

Please Help me :((( 

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  • The Battery is Bad and has a Bad Cell.  If you discharge it lower than 50 percent it will then never charge higher than that.  Eventually it will not charge at all anymore and will flash orange.

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  • i discharge my battery on 10% and i recharge. but stoping in 81% :(

  • last night i discharge my battery to 0% and my laptop closed because no more energy in battery.. and i put to charge my battery all night..  today when i wake up i open my laptop and i see that my battery are charged 100% i unplug my cable to verify if my battery charge 100%. And i see my battery is charged 100% so at the moment my battery working normally.  I hope to continue to work fine my battery.

  • It sounds like the calibration was off on the battery.  By draining the battery all the way down, you reset the calibration of the battery.