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Inspiron 1721 BIOS malfunction


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Inspiron 1721 BIOS malfunction

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I have a Dell Insp. 1721 but when the computer boots the Dell splash screen says i am a 1521.  When i check the BIOS menu its a 1521 rev A06. however the service tag in the bios when checked on the dell website is a 1721. 


my wifi card will randomly disconnect,  my second hard drive bay is not reconized, along with a few other minor weird malfunctions.


How do i get it to update the bios to a 1721 rev A07?   *NOTE* when useing the auto .exe file found on support web it will state see picture.  and yes it is a dell 1721 mother board my334/uk whatever.



If you want more pictures ill be happy to upload if yall can help me out.

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  • You bought this laptop new from Dell?

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  • Not exactly.   I got this unit from my brother who bought it new from dell years ago.  I got him an Android phone for xmas in exchange for his laptop since he was gonna buy a new laptop.  But he never used this to its full potential.  I do service work and after trying to install the second HDD and noticing these errors and tracing the information back to the bios.  Unfortunately there is no warranty on the unit.  So since i am technical capable to a good extent im hoping to find some one who can help me figure out how to possibly force flash the correct bios.  Since i have check the board, and all the other components.  Since it is a programing issue and not a direct hardware issue i shouldn't have to send it into dell or any other company to punch a few buttons that i can easily do with the right command string.


  • Did you get this bios update?

  • Mary - See figure #1Idea