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Inspiron N5030 - Replacement Harddrive won't boot


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Inspiron N5030 - Replacement Harddrive won't boot

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I've just replaced the harddrive in an Inspiron N5030, as the utility from Western Digital (that I downloaded) indicated that the old harddrive had unrecoverable errors on it.
I had previously created the System Recovery discs for the laptop using the Dell Local Data Safe utility to burn 2 DVDs.
I have now used those CD's to do a "full restore to factory setup" onto the new harddrive and it all seemed to work.

Windows 7 Home Premium booted fine and allowed me to make my language settings etc, and then went to the normal desktop screen.
However on the next reboot I am presented with an error from "Windows Boot Manager" stating "Windows failed to start", and giving the info message that "The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible".

Can you please advise as to how I recover from this? The system didn't come with any discs, and the only ones that I got the option to create were these 2 System Recovery DVDs.
When Windows first started I checked and the recovery partition etc has all been recreated onto the new harddrive, but for some reason it is just refusing to boot :(

Old Harddrive: WD3200BEVT
New Harddrive: WD2500BPVT

I realise that the new harddrive is of the "Advanced Format" type, but I was assured that Win 7 can cope with that. Also the new drive is a smaller capacity (250GB instead of 320GB), but as this is a fresh restore that shouldn't matter.

Many thanks

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  • Hi Schmill,

    Welcome to the Community. I suggest you reinstall windows using the Windows Disc. Use the below link to request for the OS disc if you are in the US, if your in another country then I suggest you call Dell Technical Support and request for the disc.

    Thank you