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Dell Latitude D620 CPU upgrade...


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Dell Latitude D620 CPU upgrade...

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Hi all, great forum you have here...


I have an old(ish) Dell Latitude D620 and I'd like to upgrade the CPU.  The specs are as follows:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 (1.66GHz) CPU
  • 2GB DDR2-800 RAM
  • 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
  • Windows 7 Professional

Am I correct in thinking I can upgrade to any 667Mhz-FSB processor?  SO what would be the fastest processor I can fit (I'm thinking Core 2 Duo 7400 or 7600)?

Looking at the compatible products for the Intel 845GM chipset ( they do, but I thought I'd better check here first before buying.  Would the change from 2MB L2 cache to 4MB affect anything?


Many thanks!






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  • Either of those will work -- just don't pay an excessive amount for one, since the speed boost will be incremental - not dramatic.

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  • Either of those will work -- just don't pay an excessive amount for one, since the speed boost will be incremental - not dramatic.

  • Yeah I don't intend paying too much mate, thanks though. Would the 4mb L2 Cache make much of a difference?

  • The difference will be relatively small and limited to those applications that are truly CPU-dependent - overall I'd expect you'll see no more than a slight performance boost.

  • The bus speed is not the issue only the socket.  Are you running 32 or 64 bit Win 7?  Changing the amount of cache in your case wouldn't affect much the chip itself would be more efficient but data transfer still bottle necks from RAM to CPU. 

  • and keep in mind it's running a low voltage cpu for a reason whether it be battery life or heat reduction

  • i also have a dell d620  its runs slow. i upgraded the ram from 2 to 4 gig. still slow. i would like to upgrade the cpu. would that show a differance for daily use? iam runnin linux mint 16 (petra) t2400 @ 1.83GHz   if not is there anything i could do to boost po\erformance?

  • I'm still using a D620 and it runs very well for internet and word processing use. This is my current setup:

    Intel Core 2 T7200 @ 2.00GHz

    4.00GB RAM

    60GB Sata 3 SSD

    Running Windows 7 pro x86

    The SSD is probably where I found the most performance boost. The RAM and Processor only really come into play when multitasking.

    I also have added the 9 cell battery for extended life and car charger for when I'm working on the road. It is such a solid machine. 

  • Hello i was wondering if the core 2 duo t7500 would work in my dell latitude d620 with motherboard 0xd299?

  • No.  That CPU is a generation newer than the D620 -- you'd need a D630 for support of it.

  • ok what about the t7200or t7300?

  • T7200.7400,7600 will work.

  • will this work?