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Inspiron n5010 keeps shutting down


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Inspiron n5010 keeps shutting down

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Hello, I have a Inspiron n5010 that I am having issues with. When I am using this laptop it will shut itself down randomly. I have ran the dell system diagnostic and that turned up nothing and said everything was fine but the problem is still occurring. I purchased the laptop 11/6/10 so it is out of warranty and I cannot find much online for solutions. I have noticed it does warm up (to about 90 degrees C) but that is normal and has happened since day one and I have ran multiple scans on my computer for viruses but again nothing is found so I am lost and am not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 

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  • Have you ever cleaned the dust out of the cooling system?  Using compressed air, clean out the air intake and discharge.  See if that fixes it.

  • I have not done that before. Do I just spray into the vents and that should do, or is there something more?
  • Just a little bit of dust can insulate the cooling system and reduce its capacity to cool.  Just spray it into the vents.  

    Do not stick the plastic nozzle into a spinning fan.  You will break the fan blades.

  • Ok, I will try that out tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you for the help.