Dell Mini Inspirion 1012 Battery isn't recognized


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Dell Mini Inspirion 1012 Battery isn't recognized

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I used my mini until it died out, which was days later, and couldn't find the charger. Well it's been about a month now and I finally unpacked the charger for my mini. When I plugged it in my mini said that it cannot recognize the battery and it won't charge it. I've updated bios and it still will not charge. I bought the mini just in Feb of this year (2011).

Do I need a new battery or is there something else I can do? I am aware that Dell no longer sells the battery for this computer.

Please help!!

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  • Hi Chanxtah,

    Welcome to the Community. Check if the battery is getting recognized in the BIOS, by pressing F2 at the Dell Logo. I suggest you call Dell Technical Support in your region for a battery replacement, since its not been a year. The battery comes with a 1 year warranty.

    Thank you