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How access system recovery partition in Windows XP Pro?


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How access system recovery partition in Windows XP Pro?

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On a Dell Latitude D630, I can't get the machine to boot up. It seems to have lost access to the hard drive; Windows is missing imm32.dll and can't seem to find the partition for my files. 

It won't let me boot. At the screen to choose a profile, it demands a password to an account that has no password and then says "The system cannot log you on new because the domain [XXXXXX] is not available."

I would like to access the system recovery partition on the hard disk, but I can't. I have the XP Pro disc that came with the computer, but there was no System Recovery disk, which is what Windows (on the CD disc) demands. Any advice on how to access that part of the hard drive? I was able to copy some files off the hard disc using a Ubuntu Unix operating system CD, so the drive itself seems OK.


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  • Have you tried doing Windows Repair? IMM is a windows file. Last option here is to do manual re-installation of WIndows XP

  • HI Nlunger,

    Welcome to the Community. I suggest you start by running a Diagnostics on your hard drive. Press the F12 key at the Dell Logo on startup, select Diagnostics and run an extended diagnostics on your hard drive. Post back with any error codes. If the diagnostics pass, then using the windows xp disc you can repair the operating system to reload the file.

    Put in the XP cd, turn on computer, and press the F12 key at the Dell logo on startup, select CD/DVD and press enter, and press any key to boot from CD. Let it load, and when it comes to Welcome to Setup, press R to enter the Recovery Console. If it asks which Operating system you want to repair press the number 1 and press enter, if it asks for an admin password, press enter again, at the prompt type in chkdsk /r ( note there is a space between chkdsk and /r ) and press enter, allow it to complete it will take some time, once completed type exit to restart.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • The old way was Control F11

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  • Royan's advice worked like a charm. Thanks to all who contributed!


  • Tried "old way" (F11 at splash screen). Didn't work. Is there a "new way?"


  • This thread is 3 years old and Windows XP has now reached End of Life so its continued use is no recommended as its a security risk.

    Do you have a Latitude D630 with Windows XP?

    Philip Yip


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