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Latitude E5520 Bios A3 false positive in LCD Cable error 2000-0415

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Get same false positive in Dell Diagnostics for LCD cable error 2000-0415 when I updated the Bios to A3.  The error is no longer there (all green check marks) when I rolled the Bios back to A2.  Dell needs to fix this A3 bios bug and update the bios to A4.   I see the same problem with other Bios (A7) in the Latitude E65XX series.

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  • I have same problem.

  • I just purchased a dell E5520 and I get the same error in diags. I wonder if it is related to whether or not you have the backlite option of which I do not have.

  • Dennis,

    do you have problems with the webcam ?


  • same issue here and the downgrading to a02 fixed it at least for now. Dell wanted to replace mono and screen... um... yeah, maybe just clean up the bios first.

  • Also got the same Errcode as i updated my bios... to version A08 on my E5420

    ErrCode 2000-0415 Check LCD Cable

    Found no solution for the moment.

    Impact - hard to boot sometimes : no boot device founded !!!

  • Same issue on A09 BIOS. System seems to work fine.