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N7110 Win7 drivers help

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On my Inspiron N7110, I can't seam to find right bluetooth drivers for Windows 7(64 bit). Device Manager says ''Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)'' and the best I managed is to put icon in system tray, which doesn't work at all. What driver was I supposed to install?


The other thing is: out of three buttons in the upper right corner of keyboard, only windows mobility center one works. Support only flashes and nothing happens and the one that is most important to me, display on/off doesn't work at all. How to fix this?


Except for that everything else works awesome this is great laptop that I will recommend to everyone.

Thanks in advance,

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  • The three quick launch buttons are dedicated to Windows Mobility Center, Dell Support Center, and display on off.  When you bring up Window Mobility Center applets for Bluetooth, Wireless switch, FN key behavior, adjust touchpad appear?

    If not then you may not have Dell Quickset installed, this may be the reason why the display on off button isn't working. You may not have Dell Support Center installed as well.  

    You can install quickset from the following link


    As far a Bluetooth, there are several different Bluetooth adapters that shipped with the N 7110.  Check your system inventory to find out what Bluetooth card was ordered with your notebook.  You can find the current drivers for all the Bluetooth cards from the following link


    Please let me know what you find out.


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  • Thank you for your response!

    When I actually started reading forums I found that some people had the same problem with those buttons, so I solved it with installing quickset that you mentioned also. That was the problem.

    As for the BT, I didn't understand how can I determine which bluetooth adapter I have, can you please explain that further? I definitely do not have on paper or in specifications.

  • if you like, shoot me a private message with the service tag of your notebook and I can take a look at the system inventory myself and see if bluetooth was ordered with the notebook and if so what model was ordered.


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  • Dear Dell-Terry B,

    I have the same problem-Bluetooth adapter is not working, because of driver . I've bought "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110", i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz, 17.3"(1600x900), GeForce GT 525M-2GB, 8GB, 750GB 7200rpm,DOS. I Installed Windows 7 x64 Enterprise. My Service Tag: < ADMIN NOTE : Service tag removed per privacy policy >. I don't know which Bluetooth adapter is in my computer and I don't know which driver and where from I should download. I've installed Aida64 software, but it doesnt show Bluetooth adapter. Please, help me and tell me, which Bluetooth adapter is in my Dell Inspiron 17RN7110 and where from can I download driver for it. 

    And there are some more things which You should pay attention at ( I mean it is important for those who work with Dell Support and for all Dell 17R N7110 users):

    1.  I went to the drivers list for my  "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110". There were 37 files, Only for Network there were 11 files and it wasn't clear, which drivers should I choose. I installed all drivers from Network list and ... Oh gosh, no one fit for my Wireless Network Adapter - What a nice surprise! Big Smile Device Manager showed that Wireless Adapter is not working because of drivers. As I told You, I've istalled Aida64, and Aida64 showed me, that in my "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110" is Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter. I downloaded Atheros v. driver and only thanks to it now I have an internet connection and can write this message. Dear Dell Supporters, please tell me, was there any  Network driver proper for my Network Adapter -  Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter, Because I've tried each of them one by one and none worked.

    2. The same problem with drivers like with Wireless Network adapter appeared with USB 3.0 controller. I tried drivers from Dell drivers list for my computer "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110" and again no one fit. I've used AIDA64 again and found, that in my computer is "Fresco Logic FL1009 USB 3.0 xHCI Controller". I found in internet and downloaded "Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver v.". And this driver fit. The same question - which driver from the Dell drivers list I had to use?

    3. It's a pitty, but Aida64 doesn't show the model of Bluetooth adapter... Confused So my Bluetooth adapter still doesn't work.

    4. And I still don't know, how about my webcam - will I find drivers on the Dell list, or will I have again ask You, which webcam model is in my computer and where I can find the driver for it?

    Please, Help Me and Other Dell Users with "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110. Because Dell Support has "big" :) bottleneck with drivers and drivers support. I have some experience with computers, but even me have problems with Dell drivers. So what should do those people who have less experience? I'm waiting for help from all of You.


  • Yeap, I have two problems now - Bluetooth and Webcam drivers. ConfusedSurprise

  • I've Just solved my "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110" webcam problem. I downloaded and installed "Dell_SX2210-Monitor_Webcam SW RC1.1_ R230103" - this is "Dell Webcam Central" software. After instalation I switched on my Dell integrated webcam. But it need some explanation - in the Dell drivers list at this driver "Dell_SX2210-Monitor_Webcam SW RC1.1_ R230103" is not written that it fits to the "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110", and this driver fits to another kind of monitor, not for LG Philips LP173WD1. "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110" monitor is "LG Philips LP173WD1". Will it not cause any problems with webcam in the future because monitor is different???


    One problem is still left - Bluetooth adapter. Please, give me a support who knows, how to solve this problem. Where I can find the driver for Bluetooth adapter "Dell Inspiron 17R N7110"Wink

  • DelluserLT

    Regarding the Webcam driver,  Windows Seven should automatically install the correct driver, there is no need to install one manually.  If the webcam wasn't showing in device manager then there was either other missing drivers or that Windows is corrupted on your notebook, or the webcam is defective.

    If a bluetooth was ordered with the system,  typically they don't ship by default, and you have Windows 7 installed the following driver should help.


    If you continue to have problems, I suggest installing the chipset driver


    I also suggest installing if you haven't already done so, the Dell Notebook System Software


    I hope that this helps.


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  • DelluserLT

    I have just been informed that the the Dell 1702 wifi card is infact a bluetooth / wifi combo card.  If this is the wifi card that shipped with your system, the bluetooth driver may be located on the following link.



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  • my dell N7110 started have USB problem, the two write SSwith USB sign don't work no more after i plugin my wireless mouse, it work before ,now i only had on usb port works ,can anyone help?

  • Wilsonlin - try to uninstall Your wireless mouse drivers ...?

  • Dear Terry B,  Thank You Very Much. After instalation of this driver I have bluetooth on my Dell Inspiron N7110 Win7.

  • I mean this:

    Dell Wireless 1702 802.11 b/g/n, BT3.0+HS

    Release Date: 3/16/2011

    Version: A00

    Importance: Recommended

    Download Type: Driver

    File Format: Hard-Drive

    File Size: 147MB


  • DellUserLT

    Thanks for the update.  I am sorry that I didn't point out that driver to you sooner.


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  • Hi!

    I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 goes with built in bluetooth adapter and  Win7 Professional. (64-bit)

    I recently got a  wireless bluetooth laser mouse, but its not working properly. Firstly everything went well, I paired them, and use, and at the end of the day I switched off my computer. When I turned on my laptop,  it couldn't activate my bluetooth mouse anymore. These are paired, both are on, and it seems to me these are in touch, but there are no communication between the 2 device.  Secondly, when I remove my mouse from  ControlPanel\Harware and Sound\DEvices and Printers\Bluetooth DEvices, I noticed it take ages to pair them again. Somehow they cant see each other. When I finally set them up again my mouse working well until I turn my laptop off.

    In addition I can pair my bluetooth devices with my laptop, but I cant transfer even a thiny file. My wireless bluetooth speaker adapter is also useless because of this.

    Troubleshooting couldnt identify the problem at all.

    However in the Bluetooth hardware diagnostic tool my devices are configured and authenticated, they are not active.Bluetooth test completed and passed.  Everything seem to me up to date, so I really get stuck.    

    Could it be a hardware problem? Can u please give me further ideas how can i fix bluetooth activity?

    Here are some details:

    Bluetooth Port - Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High Speed Adapter

    DRiver version:, 12-9-2011

    Network Card: REaltek PCIe FE Family Controller

    Mouse: Gigabyte GM-M7700B

    Wireless Speaker Adapter: Logitech


    Any answear greatly appreciated, kind regards:N.

  • what you need for the three keys is the quickset 64 application