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New Dell XPS 14z (L412Z) Wireless Card Issues


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New Dell XPS 14z (L412Z) Wireless Card Issues

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Hi all,

I've waited and purchase the XPS 14z as soon as it came out. To my disappointment I have struggled with wireless connectivity since. I found comments about a similar problem with the XPS 15z. but not much about the 14z (beside a couple of post in the Review section of the Dell website).

From the same location, my four+ year old XPS M1210 has consistently 3 bars of better signal than the 14z. The same happens at work beside my Vostro 1720.

Furthermore the 14z connection is unstable and drop off randomly, effectively making it impossible to use for internet unless I sit close to my router (which is not in by my home desk).

Dell sent out techinicians twice. The first time to replace the wifi card, the second time to replace the wifi (again a 6230) and the antenna (which involves taking the all system apart and replace the screen at the same time).

Now Dell is going to replace the system with a new one, but by the sound of things, it's going to be just the same.

Is there any official source where Dell aknowlodges that there is a problem with their choice of hardware/software configuration; and that they are going to do something about it?

Are there known solutions out there already?

Regards to all

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  • Hi all

    I bought a Dell XPS 14z in Singapore last month, i also got the SAME problem about WIFI with my laptop, i put my old one Dell inspiron 1420, HP pravilon DV4, Macbook Pro and Dell XPS 14z in my room, all of them can acess the internet via WIFI, except my laptop Dell XPS 14z.. I called for warranty service, they sent a engineer to my room, dowloaded new driver then changed the wifi card, changed main board, changed the screen but.... the problem still the same. I just get the wifi when i bring it very close to the wifi router. How come an ultrabook can be like that????? We pay more money and hope that we will have a good product and now what we have???

  • @lebatluyen - go here: , run the utility & download the latest driver ( This driver will correct the problem.

    Good Luck!

  • Hi There


    I had the same problem.  For me the issue was the wireless was slow when the laptop was running on battery but was fine when plugged in.

    I found and changed the Power Options (advanced settings) so that power saving mode on battery was set to maximum performance and my problem went away completly.  I have the xps 14z.



  • I just recently started having problems with my 14z.  I just got it a couple of weeks ago and it accessed the internet both in my apartment and on campus just fine until today.  It's not the router or the service provider since I'm connected on my old Inspiron 1501 right now.  I can't download any new drivers because I can't connect to the internet... I don't understand why it would suddenly stop working - it seems others had problems right from the start.  When I run diagnostics it says "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource".  Suggestions?

  • Hi,

    my XP 14z was delivered at 30th of March. I had the same issue and DELL support immediately offered to return the PC.

    Unaccepatable that DELL is still not able to fix the problem over months and that DELL still delivers this system with the WLAN failure to the customer.


  • The problem is easily solved by downloading driver directly from Intel as I had suggested earlier. Simply installed the driver and the issue was resolved. I posted the link a couple of posts previously.

  • Sorry, but the new driver did not solve the problem

  • Hi All,

    I have the same problem, i tried with different driver's version without any success. Can somebody help me?

  • I ve  got a Dell XPS 14z recently. Also got the problem with power management setting which resulted in dead blue screen error "driver_power_state_failure" and shutting down if I dont use it for a while (even with my AC plugged in). Tried for weeks to find solutions from microsoft website (as I thought its related to my upgrading  win 7 64b from Home version to Ultimate version ) but did not solve it until I got to this forum. Follow the advice from Terry and ITS SOLVED!!!

    My laptop is working perfectly now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  • Terry

    Thanks for this...but please could you give instructions for Windows 7?

    I can r click on my connection but configure is greyed out, and even if I manage to select it, there is then no Advanced tab, so I must be off on a wild goose chase.

    Also - another issue - please can you explain what is going on with the backlit keyboard? is the 14Z displaying some sort of (misplaced)  intelligence - it seems to come on/go off at will.



  • Hi everybody,

    I just got my dell xps laptop 14 z today. And I have the exact same problems with my internet wireless connection. And I am now reading that there are problems from the start with this laptop and they still deliver it..... I always used to have an apple, I have so much regret that I went to dell.....unbelievable

  • Hi All,

    Same problem after i have updated wifi driver. Also I changed my router? Does anybody have an idea how to solve it? i follow all steps below, but everything was unsuccessful.

  • Sorry! Also i changed my router! Didnt work!

  • One last ditch attempt - I really did want to keep this laptop - I moved the router in my house, so finally both original and replacement machines (both XPS 14Z) were able to play video via internet and browse. I then took them to a different address, again, bit slow to connect, but they both managed to connect and both played a video online.  Then took to an internet cafe - the original machine recognised the network but said there was a problem connecting, and the replacement couldn't see the wireless network at all.  My blackberry found it and connected fine, albeit a slow connection.  So DELL - I really have given it my best shot.  Spread the word - as if DELL aren't prepared to correct this fault or be up front about it (they said they couldnt give me a guarantee they would or could fix it ) - people need to be aware of what they are buying.

  • Yeah, I came into action right away, after receiving my laptop and being on the telephone for 2 hours to solve the problem I decided to rerturn my laptop right away and get my money back. I am so glad I did this and I am going to buy an apple again.. Because this is a shame..