Dell Studio PP39L won't turn on!


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Dell Studio PP39L won't turn on!

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I have a Dell Studio Laptop, Model PP39L

The laptop has a fully charged battery and is plugged in. The Led on the battery plug (going into the computer) lights blue.

When I press the power button the screen will flash white for a second and then nothing (no beeps either). The little white led on the computer by the power jack will light up white for a second and then turn off as well.

This has happened in the past but it just worked after leaving it alone for a few hours.  I haven't turned the laptop off since this incident. I've been putting it in stand by/ sleep mode and everything was fine.  I was also able to restart the computer with no problems. It's just when I power down when this happens.

The keyboard recently froze (new issue) and I had no choice but to reboot by powering down.  Now it won't turn on. I have never spilled anything on the laptop. Nor have I dropped it or caused any other damage to it. I'm thinking it might be a problem with the motherboard, but as I'm no expert, I'm not completely sure.

PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks.

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  • Did you ever find out what was the problem ?

    I have a laptop with the same symptoms.

  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. It looks like a motherboard failure to me, however I suggest you try reseating a few components on your computer, like the hard drive, wireless cards, memory, to see if that makes a difference, you can also try powering on with 1 memory at a time.

    If you have an active warranty, send me a private message, click on my user name, add me as a friend, and send me your service tag, phone number.

    Thank you

  • Hi, yes, it was a motherboard failure. Since my warranty had expired, I took it to a trusted computer repair shop and was told that repairing it would be cost-prohibitive because the work is labor intensive. So I consider  the laptop is a loss. Not sure if I'll ever purchase another Dell.

  • Thanks for the advice Royan, but I simply don't have the skills or the money to make this kind of repair. I consider it a loss.

  • The board itself runs about $200-250. Find a local student who's reasonably technical to install it for you.

    Whatever you buy next, get a 3-year warranty if you don't want a repeat performance - Dells are no more or less likely to have board failures than other "makes" -- and some - like Apple - charge upward of $1,000 for a "logic board" (i.e., mainboard) replacement.

  • This is th second laptop that I have ordered from dell. I have had this laptop in for repairs about 6 times. I think twice was the motherboard. One time it got so hot that I couldn't use it. I even paid all that money for extra waranty. This lap top still doesn't work right. It freezes all the time. I will never buy another laptop from dell.