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N5010 Power light and left front LED (white) blinks and won't power on.


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N5010 Power light and left front LED (white) blinks and won't power on.

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Hi All,

I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop, the power light (light on the power button) and the left front LED white light blinks every 5 seconds.  It doesn't power on at all.  Please help me on this issue.  


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  • Hi man,

    I have the same issue, have you find a solution??? If it is can you tell me how you do to solve this problem.


  • Hey man,

    The issue on my laptop got resolved after I replaced the I/O Board,WXHDY, 55.4HH02.001G, DG15, 48.4HH02.011.

  • This issue happend to you with or without battery or both?

  • Same thing happened to me. It started shutting down for no reason, I presumed it was overheating so I opened it to check the cooler and to clean it (it was a good call, the fan couldnt sping from the dust). While everything was disassembled I replaced termal pasta as well. After assembling it, it started showing these symptoms, I opened it to check if I missed to plug in something, but no...

    I wanted to check again today so I disassembled it again, took out CMOS to reset it, tightened processor screw, cleaned ram slots and after assembling it, I connected the power cord, and it started on its own working perfectly.... 

  • Hello everbody,

    i had same expirience, my situation is next, i had problems with probably broken LCD display, i disassembled it totally, and again I assembled it totally, closed back cover, put keyboard, etc. connected all necessary cables, power button cable, status light cable and touch pad cable from the motherboard, and keyboard cable, but when i try to turn on again n5010, it won't turn on, just power button flash light and on led status of power 1x time flash, and if i leave it on power charger it flashs every 5 seconds, on battery power it flashs just when i press power button manually.

    Please some more advanced user, or some who works in some service for Dell, share expirience with us, what to try?

    I doubt on Cell Coin baterry for BIOS, cause when this n5010 display was broken at some unplanned jump :) , i think slot of Cell Coin baterry is a little bit moved or a little bit damaged, but it worked before i dissambled totally for checking display ...

    Now i tried to fix position of this Cell Coin baterry in it's baterry slot, with some tape, ot whatever, i try with another baterry, but not helped, again same problem :( ...

    My next doubt is power button cable which is connected to motherboard, maybe this cable is damaged, or whatever !?

    I won't think on the worst scenario - damaged motherboard :((( ! Bad luck definetely :( !

    If somebody has some advice for 1x flash light of power button and led status of power 1x flash, please advice ?



    i tried with more options, holding power button 20-30 secs, and then connecting just power adapter, and again same, tried another Cell Coin baterry, next what i plan to try is new power button cable...

  • I had this problem for some time and have tried several things to rule, as you probe everything and not a problem of battery or charger or CMOS battery, I think the problem could be that part (I / O Board, WXHDY , 55.4HH02.001G, DG15, 48.4HH02.011.) if not the motherboard but I do not even think like that is.

    Try to prove the next thing to me has worked, remove the battery and charger for at least 3 days then only connect the charger and turn it on, I turn on me, the problem is that if I move or turn it off for a long time or would I connect the battery again becomes the problem.

  • Tnx for sharing your expirience ! You know how i feel now, cause you were in same situation :) , i'm totally frustrated :( ! Just one accidently fall of my N5010 and too much problems !

    I'll try to replace power button cable, to see will that solve problem ! Tnx for suggestion !

    Really strange thing happened to you, but you were lucky man :) ! Hm, you didn't try to replace that part you mentioned - power button cable ?

    I'll try these days to find some solution, i hope this part - power button cable isn't so expensive ...

  • I am waiting for money to buy that part because another person say to fix this problem with that part. So When I have prove that I will share with you the result.

  • :) i hope it's not so expensive ? Do you know price about it, will you buy it on ebay.com or at dell.com :) ?

    Tnx man, i'll try to solve this, if i find solution in meantime, i'll post you my expirience ;) !

    Once big tnx, on some way is easier, when i know, i'm not alone with this problem and only one who has this problem :) !

  • I solved this problem with help of one very good expert for notebooks, problem of power button and led light blinking is related to some problem with electricity on MB, somewhere is short circuit on MB, in my case was a little bit damaged pin of SD Card cable slot , and on that place after inserting sd card cable it made probably short circuit +5v, and blocked electricity on MB, and didn't give to power button to power on laptop !

    There wasn't problem with Cell Coin baterry, no problem with Power button cable - I/O board, forget it ! Check these 2 things, if you see they look ok, forget about idea that they are damaged ! Check on MB somehwere in all slots where you insert cable, like SD card cable, and slot near to sd card slot cable, and all other palces, or some another places, that some pin isn't damaged, or whatever, what can cause short circuit, that block electricity on MB, and power button function ;) ! Probably you case is similary to my, cause you wrote after 3 days leaving without power adapter and baterry it worked, maybe somewhere something was moved and no short circuit.

    I hope you'll solve this really bad problem, like me, thanks to this big expert for notebooks :) !

  • Thanks for your help I will check this and I share with you my experience. And congratulations because your laptop is alive again.

  • You are welcome man ;) ! Check all these things i mentioned everyone slot where you inser some cable on MB, cause somewhere is some short circuit which block electrcitiy, and that's reason why power button doesn't work, and just blinks :) !

    This man told me, that power button will work even Cell Coin baterry isn't inserted in it's slot ;) , this means Cell Coin baterry isn't big problem at all, but problem can be power button cable or in most cases this symptoms follow to some short circuit, this man has eagle eye :) , cause i wouldn't never see this so small pin in sd card cable slot, which is located in right bottom corner of MB, inside slot was just 1 pin a little bit disorted, and that was main problem :) ! Cause this, check at least twice all slots or some parts where can be short circuit, to avoid wasting money on I/O board :) , cause this error isn't related to power button cable, cause if power button cable is damaged, it will not blink at all power button :) !

    For this thing really not too much info on net, and is dificult to doubt in something, but this man is really expert and know this job :) ! And all this repairing was made with baterry inserted in laptop :) , this menas no problem with battery, check all cables with some problem of disorted pins, or cables which goes to MB, do they have good contact pads, and no some damage on them !

    I hope you'll solve your problem too like me, now i'm again happy with n5010 :) !

  • I have been having the same problem with my N5010. Won't power on at all except for the light flashing every 5 seconds or so. I took the entire laptop apart (including removing the LCD) and checked all connector points on the motherboard. I removed the CPU cover and the Heat Sink even. I couldn't find any obvious problems with the circuits or the wiring, so I tried trial and error (eg. removed the speaker connection and tried to power on, removed the SD card connection and tried to power on etc etc). This was all to no avail. I am completely stumped as to what the problem could be other than the motherboard is completely fried.....

  • My problem was a circuit in a usb port (left behind), now my laptop is alive and the only problem is, that port doesnt work anymore, but nothing important.

    Maybe you can check your usb ports, move it, plug and unplug things in your ports. Because my problem was solved with that.


  • Many Thanks Bambin

    I have a laptop with different problem which seems to be common for this model), the computer powers off immediately after showing DELL logo. After i removed the cable of Card reader and the problem seems to have gone.

    I have also removed a small bluetooth? card attached to the lower right corner (not shown in this picture) of the main board as a precaution.

    Also, to be noted is that I had previously removed and re-inserted the cmos battery and left the computer without AC charger or Main battery for about an hour. I am not sure but this might have been the reason it started working again.