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Dell laptop stuck on startup screen


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Dell laptop stuck on startup screen

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I have a dell latitute e6410 running on window 7 which doesn't function propertly. When i turn on the computer, it lood the black startup page that say starting up and it just hang there. I left it on for several day but it doesn't move anywhere. I did the startup repair and the memory diagnosis but that was no help what so ever. I was hoping that I can do a factory system recovery but I can't seem to get it. I seaarch around and the manual say to hold f8 but when I do nothing happen. I keep getting to the page that say system error recovery which give me the option of starting the system up normally or do a startup repiair (again). I try the f12 too but the same page appear. I'm not sure what to do not since I did not back up any recovery image. All I have is the opterating system cd/dvd and the driver and ultility cd/dvd. Does anyone know how I can fix this. My computer is stilll under dell warranty, so if I call them,  will they fix it for me free? If so how woud they fix it for me? I never used dell before so I don't know how their customer service work. Thank you. 

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  • Start with a full system diagnostic.  Press F12 at powerup - boot to the Dell diagnostics and run the quick tests and then the extended test on the hard drive.

  • I try but I got nothing. It keep going tot he page that let me choice between normal startup or startup repair.

  • Press F12 a few times immediately after powering on, until the boot menu appears.

  • Okay I did the diagnosis test and got the error code 0146. Msg: Error code 2000-0146. Msg: Harddrive 0 - self test  log conttains previous  error(s). What do I do now.

  • You need to replace the hard drive, which is faulty.  Then reload everything.

  • Since my computer is still under warranty, will dell give me a new hard drive or do I have to purchase it myself.

  • Report the error to Dell support - they will ship a replacement drive.

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