How do I print screen on my XPS 15Z?


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How do I print screen on my XPS 15Z?

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How do I print screen on my XPS 15Z?  There is no button.

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  • Don't know your keyboard layout - sure you are missing the needed key? If yes:

    1.Assuming you have Win7=>click the start button=> type osk.exe=>use then the print screen button on the virtual keyboard.Cumbersome but it works.

    2.For better results I can recommend 2 programs

     picpick.exe - excellent print screen software(it lets you reconfigure the hotkeys it uses)

     keytweak.exe - key remapping software

    You might be happy with the first solution - I can assist if you need help with the 2.option

  • U sure it's not there? 

    My new XPS15Z has the Insert/PrtScr button immediately to the left of the Delete button.

    Just use Fn + Insert/PrtScr to copy, then Ctrl + C to paste.

    Hope that works for you.

  • please its Ctrl + V not Ctrl + C

    just to correct it.