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Latitude E6410 Power on Bios Password


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Latitude E6410 Power on Bios Password

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Hi!, sorry, i have a little problem with a Latitude E6410, it has Power on Bios Password,

This is my little problem,... one friend, want make me a bad joke, an yes was a very bad joke, ´cause, he forget the password that hi put in.

Now, we both can remove the password. I need my computer back to my desk for work on it.

Please!!! there are any solution that can you help me???

The screen show it message, but i don´t know what to do???


#J6XFVM1-2A7B,... But at third input of an invalid password, the system turn off.

I hope you can help me. Thank´s.


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  • Only Dell can help - you will need to call them.  If your system isn't in warranty, your friend will owe you the $60 for the call.