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how to format new hard drive for Dell Inspiron 1545


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how to format new hard drive for Dell Inspiron 1545

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I bought a new hard disk but don't see how to format it.  The bios says no disk is installed.  I don't know how to toggle it to register there's a disk installed.  Suggestions?  The Windows operaating system won't give me the option to format it since it doesn't recognize it.

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  • FYI- this is the hard drive I bought for it:

    320GB SATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive 16MB 7200RPM 2.5IN w/o Free Fall Scorpio Black. I purchased it from Dell.

  • Never mind, maybe it is working now.  I took out the hard drive and reinstalled it, and for some reason it seems to work now.

  • Is this a brand new harddrive?  You should be able to put it in, the connectors should all line up and that should be it.  If BIOS doesn't recognize the drive then there is likely something wrong with the drive.  Oh and you can format the drive (once it's actually functioning) in Computer Management, only if this is a secondary drive   But if this is supposed to be a system drive that has the OS installed on it, you will get the option to format it during the install of Windows.  BUT only if it's recognized by the BIOS.  I would venture to say that the drive is bad if it doesn't appear in BIOS. I have seen some other settings in bios for SATA drives that allow you to choose something like AHCI or something like that, but most likely that drive is just bad.

    Verify whether if it's a good or bad drive if you can, if you have a good drive installed, format it during the install of Windows.

  • I think it is working now.

    I can't find my disks, so now I'm having a big hassle trying to find all the drivers, esp. the chipset driver.

  • If you say you bought it from Dell they will send you the disc you need to install everything back onto your computer cause they did me.