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Dell touchpad on inspiron 1545 not working


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Dell touchpad on inspiron 1545 not working

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I have tried the following:

*Reinstall drivers

*Virus scan with norton antivirus 2011

*fiddle with its settings


In the morning, i was on facebook feeding my facebook addiction. Went into the kitchen to get cereal, came back, touchpad was acting funny, rebooted and totally dead. rebooted and top right just working. read that disabling touch check makes it better. Right scrolling bit now working. Please note that left and right click are both working.

What am i running:

Windows 7 Ultimate. No modifications whatsoever. No changing cpu, hard drive, any repairing. Happened now and prefer it to run.

Solutions guys.

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  • Hi Webstar1,

    Welcome to the Community. I suggest you uninstall your touchpad driver and then reinstall it. To uninstall click on start, right click on computer, click on properties, click on device manager, click on the symbol next to pointing devices, right click on touchpad and click on uninstall and confirm it, once it removed use the below link to reinstall it. Restart your computer.

    Thank you


  • when i try to uninstall it comes up with:

    "Please run the uninstallation programme after updating the "Touchpad Driver" to "PS/2 Comaptible mouse" Driver. My inspiron doesnt even have a ps2 port and the touchpad has got nothing to do with it

  • Hi,

    Try uninstalling it from control panel, add remove programs and then check.

    Thank you


  • My wifes 1545 froze on Thanksgiving while searching a Target website. I have been working on this problem for about 7 hours now and have ried every blog suggestion. The Left and Right clickers still work? I am kind of leaning towards replacing the touchpad # W395F ..... but I am unsure if this would even fix the problem.

  • credto:

    30 second quick test:

    Press F2 at power up - this will open the BIOS menu.

    If you can move the cursor point it to one of those "+" -signs and press the left touchpad key to open the sub menu.If you can do that the touchpad should be fine.

    A more extensive test can be carried out by using Dell Diagnostics.

  • This is obviously a Dell problem. I purchased an Inspiron 4030 4 months ago. The touch pad stopped working after three months.  Reinstalled the driver, it worked for a while then slowly started getting worse.  At one stage I could only use the right hand corner.  Have to continually reinstall the driver.  Surely this cannot  be the correct way for ANY computer to function.

  • JaneOlivier:

    1.Use Windows "System Restore utility" to restore your system back to a time before the problem started.


    "When something slowly starts getting worse" - I'm normally more inclined to believe that something's wrong with the hardware but according to your posting reinstalling the driver remedies the problem instantly.So it might be a hardware or software related issue.To narrow down the problem the first step should be to check the hardware without using Windows or complicated driver software - if the problem turns up again try the following steps:

    2.Press F2 at power up:The BIOS menu pops up-can you move the cursor "normally"?

    3.Use Dell Diagnostics to test the touchpad more thoroughly by pressing F12 at power up

    4.If both tests pass without a problem boot your system into "safe mode" for another " Dell driver independent" test

    5.If your touchpad was working fine through all these steps your Windows configuration and/or touchpad driver seems to be the culprit and if  the typical uninstalling /installing procedure cannot fix the problem it's going to be tough to find the exact cause of the problem.Possible additional steps to try would be running "msconfig" to temporarily disable start up items or  "task manager" to end processes etc...(time consuming and nerve-wracking)

    6.As your system is only 4 months old you might consider restoring it back to factory settings(backup your private data!)

    and contact Dell support if the problem persists

    7.user "Webstar1" wrote:

       <My inspiron doesnt even have a ps2 port and the touchpad has got nothing to do with it>

       No modern laptop has a physical PS/2-port anymore but touchpads and keyboards still refer to the standard PS/2  protocol in the device manager - that's normal and nothing to worry about it.

  • Thank you.  I have done this.   However,  there is no way to use the touchpad in BIOS only the 'cursor' keys.  Ran the diagnostics - no errors.  Will attempt restoring factory settings.

    I have my email service constantly running in the background and the Wifi here is extremely slow.  This could explain the intermittent non-functioning of the touchpad while the internet searches for new messages.  However, it does not explain the complete mal-functioning.

    I will report back once I have restored factory settings.

    Thanks again.

  • If you cannot move the cursor via touchpad in BIOS you definitely have a hardware problem.I am not familiar with your system but it would be first laptop without touchpad functionality in the BIOS I know of.Restoring the factory image will bring you back a clean Windows operating system including properly working software but it will not affect the BIOS.

    Dell Diagnostics test utility is a very fine tool - love it but under certain circumstances it will not be able to detect all problems.A loose cable from the touchpad to the mainboard could be the most simple explanation for all your touchpad problems.Loose connections can create all kinds of mysterious problems and are usually the toughest challenge for anybody in repair service centers....anyway:restoring the factory image is a good start,in case you have to contact Dell' support center.