can i upgrade dell studio 1555 laptop


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can i upgrade dell studio 1555 laptop

This question is not answered

plz ,help Embarrassed me i want to  upgrade my dell studio 1555 laptop

these are the things i want to upgrade 



3.graphic card 

is it possible to upgrade, and how much will it cost.

current spec-

1.cpu- intel core 2 dual processor (2.10 ghz)

2.ram-4 gb card-Ati mobility radeon HD-4570

windows 7- 32 bit operating system

and this is the first time i have write something on a community ,and if i miss something plz let me know  Yes

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  • 1.  CPU- yes, to a faster Core 2 (not to any Core i though).

    2.  RAM to 8G as 2X4

    3.  No - the video chip cannot be upgraded.

    To use more than 4G you must upgrade to a 64-bit operating system.