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Windows 7 dell inspiron n5030 corrupted restore


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Windows 7 dell inspiron n5030 corrupted restore

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While having viruses on my laptop i tried to restore my laptop to an earlier date. Once i tried to reboot it brings me to the windows error recovery page. No matter which option i pick it continues to start up then show the loading screen which flash black periodically i cannont get into the computer in anyway, so i dont know wether this is a hard drive problem or i could easily fix with a restore disk. Please help
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  • Run an extended hard drive diagnostic - F12 at powerup.

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    If you cannot perform a Dell Factory Image Restore by pressing the F8 key whle booting up and choosing "Repair Your Computer" you will need to manually format and reinstall Windows.

    This utility formats the operating system hard drive partition prior to restoring the factory image. This means data on that partition is deleted and cannot be recovered.

  • How do i manually format and reinstall windows

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