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Dell studio 1555 laptop not starting


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Dell studio 1555 laptop not starting

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When i try to start my laptop the white light is on and the dvd reader also initializes but it doesnt startup i reseated my memory modules, removed battery and tried to restart but it isnt working so can i get any help? Also when i press the start button it takes 3 secs to start and once the white light is on i wait around 5 mins and press it again and it shuts down and the fan doesnt even rotate when i start it

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  • It sounds as if the system is not completing POST, I am sorry to read that you are having this problem.

    I would try to isolate the system board as much as possible and troubleshoot the board.  If the system board looks to be alright then work my way up with the other devices and see if any of them are failing or possibly shorting out the system.  

    So the first thing I would look into is the AC adapter itself.  Unplug the AC adapter from the power outlet and the PC.  Disconnect the power cable from the adapter.  Return the power cable to the adapter and then plug it into a known good power outlet.   The adapter led should show power. Then watch the adapter power LED while plugging into the notebook.  Does the power LED on the adapter stay lit, or does it blink or go out?  If the adapter LED goes out while being plugged into the notebook then that is an indication that the notebook is shorting out the adapter.. not good, the system board / charger board will need to be replaced.

    If the adapter led stays lit, and the notebook shows power then you can discount the adapter as part of the problem.

    If the power light stays on the notebook, plug an external monitor to the system and see if it displays an image.  If so the LCD of the system has gone out and will need to be replaced.

    If the system doesn't display an image on an external monitor.  I suggest removing all external devices, including any cards. Remove all drives Optical or Hard drives, system memory, wireless cards and modems, you could even go as far as removing the keyboard.  Return the AC adapter to the system and power the system on.  Is there a change, does the “On” button stay lit longer? Are there different beep codes?  Are you getting an image on the LCD? If there is a change then this may imply that the system board is fine.

    Power down the system and remove the AC adapter.  Return one memory stick and power back on.  Is there a difference now, are you getting an image on the LCD? Test all memory this way, on the first dimm slot, then test all memory on the second dimm slot, the idea here is to test all memory and all memory slots, If the problem returns whenever a specific stick of memory is installed then it is likely that memory is defective.  Or if memory works fine on one slot but the problem returns when it is inserted on a specific memory slot then the memory slot may be defective and the system board will need to be replaced.

    If you were able to stabilize the system by reseating the memory and are able to get an image on the LCD then that is a very good indication that the system board is fine, and some other device or devices is shorting the system out. At this point install the hard drive and see if you are able to boot the system. If so the hard drive is likely fine and at this point the system board is very much likely fine.

    Return the other drives one by one and see if the problem returns.

    Return the modems, wireless cards one by one and see if the problem returns.

    Once all the devices have been returned and if the system is booting then it may be alright, one of the devices may not have been connected well and was shorting out the system.  If the problem kept returning whenever you connected a device then that device will need to be replaced.  

    If nothing you do makes a difference then it is likely something with the system board that has failed and will need to be replaced


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