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Processor Upgrade for my Dell Inspiron B130 Laptop?

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I was wondering if you guys could help me with some processor upgrade questions I have.  I recently acquired an Inspiron B130 laptop and decided to try and speed it up a little bit.  I connected with a Dell Technician through Live Chat and they told me that the only processors compatible with that specific machine were the Intel Pentium 4 MT processors and Intel Celeron M processors.  I have googled Intel Pentium 4 MT processor and don't seem to be getting anything that says "MT" with it.  What does this MT mean?  Are there multiple types of MT Intel Pentium 4 processors?  I must have not asked him enough questions because as soon as he told me about those compatible processors, I told him I didn't need to know anything else... apparently, I was wrong.  Can someone help me find the right kind of processor for this upgrade job!?  Thanks in advance!

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  • Pentium 4 isn't supported.  Only some of the Pentium M CPUs will work.  If the system shipped with a Celeron, it's 400 MHz bus only - meaning you're limited to the Pentium M-400 bus.  The fastest of these was the Pentium M-765.

    Unless you find one that's very inexpensive, it's not worth the cost - the system is too old and other components such as the video chip cannot be upgraded to match the CPU.