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Dell Inspiron n5110 Issue


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Dell Inspiron n5110 Issue

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Hi guys,

I bought my Dell Inspiron n5110 a month ago and it started making the following issue. Fully randomly a strange buzzing noice comes out of the speakers and durring that time the whole the laptop freezes. Every time the buzzing takes about 1-2 seconds and after that everithing continues working normally.

The laptop configuration is Intel Core i7, nVidia 525M, 6 GB RAM etc., does this happened to anyone, can you help me somehow?

Also the diagnostics which came with the laptop doesn't show nothing...

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  • From what you are telling me it really doesn’t sound like an overheating issue. I was trying to get an idea on just how often the system makes the buzzing sound.  

    If you have recently gone in and ran a PC restore it will restore the drivers to what was available when the system originally shipped. If the drivers have been updated after the system shipped, then yes you should certainly update the drivers.

    There really aren’t any ways to increase the power of the fans manually. As I really don't feel that this is an overheating issue, you shouldn't have to.  If you are concerned about them though, there is typically a fan test running diagnostics.  


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  • Hey the buzzing stopped once I changed the power regime to Balanced. I changed it maybe a week ago and the problems stopped. It was on Power Saver before I changed it to Balanced. I have the computer working all day long without freezing once.

  • Terry,

    I don't have the buzzing sound. I have a problem with random freezing.

    Q: Is a "PC restore" the same as a "Factory reset"?

    I ask this because I have done a factory reset and the random freezing carried over.

  • Mr. Quipster

    I apologize about stating that your system was making buzzing sounds, you may have a different issue then the rest of the posters on the thread. Or it may be the same problem with different symptoms, either way I am still concerned.

    Yes PC restore is the same as a factory reset. Since you have done one, I certainly suggest making sure that the drivers are the newest ones available. Then go from there, see if there is a change of performance.  


    Thanks for the update, so all that you did to resolve the problem was to change the power settings?  Mr. Quipster, have you checked if changing the power settings makes a difference for you?



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  • I recently got a replacement of the hard disk, cooling fan, DVD writer drive as well as the speakers! And interestingly the problem is still there despite the fact that I have also got a completely different windows installation that came on the hard disk pre-loaded. So this definitely is not a problem with the drivers or software. I think that this is probably because of some faulty motherboard.  

  • Hi Terry,

    My laptop is set to Balance already but the problem is still present. Also I spotted this issue when I was using only the battery, so it can't be this setting.

    Best regards,


  • The one thing that I can't stress enough is that the very most latest drivers for the wireless cards, video and audio cards.  Even if you have just ran a PC restore or received a factory downloaded hard drive, it is very unlikely that you have the most up to date drivers. Download the latest drivers available at and save them to your desktop. Do not install them yet. Then go into control panel, programs and features and uninstall the video, audio and wireless drivers listed.  Reboot and install the drivers that you have already downloaded and saved to the desktop.  

    Once we are at this point we can start troubleshooting the rest of the system if the system is still hanging or making the buzzing sounds.


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  • Terry, I practically did the same after getting my laptop parts replaced just a couple of days ago but the situation did not change.

  • About the people who experience the weird sounds,disable the srs premium sound and reboot. About the other problems you should configure your AV software and torrent client (if any) to work in harmony :)

  • Hi Terry,

    I am having the same problem.

    It is the same problem that what they have said.

    I will do what you have suggested.


    Hopefully we will get the solution soon!

  • Hi dampio,

    If by disable you mean turning it off from audio options like this

    It doesn't actually help. For me the problem with the strange noise still exists. Also the screen freezes when I hear the sound.

    If by disableing it you mean something else please, explain me. I will be thankful.

  • Zlatin I have installed the latest IDT drivers and they are messed up really bad. I restored to the previous IDT driver, I`ve  used , my drivers are archivated with the driver genius program,if you want,just install the sound IDT driver,,I am using it currently without the SRS premium and I dont have sound problems. Here is my entire Inspiron 5110 driver package  . if you still have problems try installing the entire package of mine or use the driver genius program. If the problems still exists you should take your laptop to the nearest dell service,because I think it will surely be a hardware problem.

  • Hey! Maybe my answer is a bit late, but I figured it out! it's something about the charging/battery! Here's my solution that had completely removed the buzzing and freezing for me: First, make sure your laptop is fully or almost fully charged. Then press F2 at startup to enter BIOS. Then go to the Advanced tab, and on the Charger behavior setting, set it Disabled. This way,the laptop won't use the battery at all(when you plug in the adapter), and it won't charge it when the computer is on. (I didn't check if it charges it while the laptop off but my guess is, it does charge it). I don't exactly know why this helps beacuse unfortunately i don't have much knowledge in the inner parts of computers. I hope I could help! bye!

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  • I found the solution to the problem,this time I guarantee it. The problem is in the wi-fi and sound drivers. I now use the old drivers I archivated. You can download my driver genius archive pack and install only sound and wifi drivers,or just wait for new ones from Dell if they decide to fix that,or try finding those driver`s old versions.