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How do I restore factory settings on a Latitude E5520?


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How do I restore factory settings on a Latitude E5520?

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My new Latitude E5520 has come with Windows 7 Professional (32-bit) installed. There are no OS disks, only a "Resource Media" CD, marked "already installed on your computer". I'd like to install a different operating system, but before I do that, I'd like to know how to restore the system to factory settings.

There are a lot of wrong answers on the Web. Despite what Dell Support says, F8 does not produce the Advanced Boot options, instead F12 does. It provides a menu with the following options


  Internal HDD

  CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive

  Onboard NIC


  BIOS Setup


As you can see, there is no "Repair Your Computer" option, or anything similar. I tried the Diagnostics option, but that really does just run a lot of diagnostics. I couldn't find a further option to restore factory settings. Similarly, I couldn't find anything in the BIOS setup. I also couldn't find any applications, Dell or otherwise, in Windows 7 that looked hopeful.

I'm quite sure the recovery partition exists, because Windows 7's Disk Management tool says that 10.69GB of space is in a partition with volume label "RECOVERY".

So, I'm aware the data is there, and I'd like to know how to get to it, preferably without having to activate the partition and burn the files to a bootable DVD or something similar...

Thanks in advance,


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  • Hi, pressing F12 takes you to the system boot menu which is your hardware boot, F8 will take to you to the Windows advanced boot menu that is specific to your OS.

    The full instructions on how to use the recovery partition with the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager can be found here

    The DBRM software can be downloaded from the Dell drivers and download site. If you have any question let us know.


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  • I never got anything out of F8 before, but I've re-installed Windows 7 Pro 64-bit from scratch and now installed Ubuntu via Wubi. This means the Windows Boot Manager comes up, which gives me the option to press F8 for additional options when starting Windows. And, true enough, "Repair Your Computer" option is now present. However, when I try System Image Recovery, it claims that no image exists, but that's probably because I didn't re-install DBRM. I'll try re-installing DBRM from the Dell Support site to see if that makes the image re-appear. The "RECOVERY" partition is still present in Disk Management.


  • Oops. I was being an idiot and looking for the wrong option. I thought System Image Recovery was the option I wanted, when the DBRM option is the one that allows you to restore the Dell Factory Image. I'm sorted, though it seems only because I've installed Ubuntu...

  • I upgraded my 5520 with Windows 7 64 bit.  Just download all the drivers from the dell support site for your service tag, and do a fresh install of Windows 7.  Than install the drivers off the thumb drive.  Easy, works great, now I have 8gb of ram.  Recommend not wasting time with F8 repair or anything else to try to set to factory settings.  F2 will take you to Bios where you can set to default settings if you wish.  Good luck.

  • I have a customer with a Latitude E5520 who needed his computer restored to factory defaults because the network cards were not being detected. I had the same issue as you- no OS disks and I was even missing the Resource Media CD.

    I found that hitting F8 would bring up the System Recovery Options, and the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager has a "Dell Factory Image" stored in it. Just erase your current partition (and OS) and apply the backup image. This option does not require a Windows 7 CD or the driver CD. I would still recommend checking in your Device Manager to make sure all drivers are installed and current. You can use to download the latest drivers if you're missing anything, or the Resource Media CD should be able to work for you as well if you still have that.

    As a note, you will need to have the computer's admin password to do this, so it is not an option for restoring your computer if you have forgotten your password.

  • What windows kit did you used?

    Did you used  the OEM key from the sticker?



  • Press F8 just after the BIOS Post Screen.

    In the windows Advanced Options there should be one that says Repair Your Computer

    (Its usually the first one) so press enter to this.

    It will run the Windows Loading Files screens

    Then it will ask you to choose a local user and enter the password.

    You will then be presented with a screen where the bottom option is Dell Backup and Recovery Manager

    Click on the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager

    You can then do a Factory Restore

    Hope this helps 

  • That worked flawlessly - thanks.  I got the latest E7240 shipped and it booted to Windows 7 with a recovery DVD of Windows 8... The only problem is that the system does not have a DVD player.... Embarrassed

  • When I use F8 it has all options except "Dell Factory Image," does that mean I have to have the OS disc?  I have the resource media CD, but not the OS disc.  Is there a way to get a replacement OS disc? 

  • You can do the Repair using Dell Backup and recovery Sw.

    Just do the double click dell backup recovery sw then go the Recovery and select system recovery where u can see Factory image as u have highlight the factory imge and click yes continue it will ask restart .once u done restart system recovery will start and factory image will restore .only c drive will format .

    Thanks and regards