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Laptop Turns itself off, possibly overheating?


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Laptop Turns itself off, possibly overheating?

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Hi guys, I have a inspiron 1545 laptop, and every now and then randomly it turns itself off. I think it's overheating, but don't know how to adjust the fan speeds (if you can) and i took the back off and cleaned round the fan, so it's not blocked up. It might be something else causing it to turn off i'm not too sure.

Anyone else having similar problems and does anyone know any ways I can fix this?


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  • Hi MattyD1,

    Welcome to the Community. Try running a diagnostics on your computer. Press the F12 key at the Dell Logo on startup, select Diagnostics, and run an extended diagnostics on your computer. This will take some time to complete let us know if the system shuts down during the diagnostics. Post back with any error codes.

    Thank you


  • Hello, i have the same problem with my 1545 shutting itself off. I tried running a diag. on it and it did shut off before giving me an error code 2000-0147. So it that bad that it cut off during the diag.? what does it mean?

  • I see that this post is old but hope it still gets to you.  I too am having the same problem.  I have done the F12 and found nothing wrong and now wonder if it is the power cord.  So far I am on my 3rd power cord.  If anyone is having this problem I would love to know what they have found out.  Yesterday my Dell 1545 cut itself off 8 times.  Cheers, Maxie